Joe Oesterling

Why Even A Tech-Savvy Company Can Benefit From Managed Hosting

  If you have a good grasp of technology, you probably don’t need managed hosting for your servers, right? Not exactly – here’s why. It’s a common misconception that managed hosting is something meant exclusively for organizations that lack technical expertise. If your organization’s core competencies lie outside those required to run a server, you’re […]

Should You Appify Your Website?

Mobile-friendliness is no longer optional. It has been two years since Google announced that it would start penalizing sites that were not optimized for smartphones and tablets. Mobile now represents 65% of digital media time, and all future growth in the digital realm is likely to be on the small screen. If your website does […]

The Internet of Things Has Nothing To Do With Your Website…Right?

The Internet of Things is an inevitability. Already, we are connecting countless devices to the web, from televisions to kitchen appliances to motor vehicles. Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be at least 6.4 billion ‘smart’ devices on the market worldwide. To give that number more context, by 2020 there will be only 2.87 […]