Josh Escobedo

Josh Escobedo is a professional Linux System Administrator with Liquid Web.

Node.js on VPS: Your complete guide

Discover the ultimate guide for installing, managing, and deploying Node.js on VPS, enhancing scalability and website performance while saving costs.
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Why Do Businesses Need Cloud Security Managed Services?

Cloud security managed services help your business operate securely over the cloud. Learn from Liquid Web about the benefits of managed cloud security.
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Protecting Your VPS from Hackers: Essential Tips

Protect your Linux VPS from hacking incidents with expert tips. Prevent data loss & reputational damage while improving security practices. Learn more here.
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Malware vs Ransomware: How Are They Different?

Get a comprehensive breakdown of malware vs ransomware, common signs of infection, and actionable advice to protect yourself.
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What Is Shadow IT and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

Learn about the advantages and risks associated with shadow IT and how to ensure that its use does not harm your business.
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How Open APIs Translate To Cloud-Based Security Technology

Learn about open APIs, how they can add extra security to your cloud-based technology, and different ways companies are using this technology.
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Best Server OS for Your Website: Linux or Windows?

Compare the pros and cons and learn about the important features of Linux and Windows to determine the best OS for your web hosting needs.
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What Are the Data Protection Principles of the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines principles for legally handling personal information for EU residents.
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The 15 Top Critical Security Threats and How to Fix Them

Here are the top 15 common web security issues businesses face and what you can do about them. From DDoS attacks to data breaches, stay protected.
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