Liquid Web vs. WP Engine

Considering WP Engine for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Considering WP Engine? Check out Liquid Web!WP Engine is a popular destination for premium-priced WordPress-only hosting — it is, after all, the company’s sole focus and their only product. On the surface, that’s a terrific selling point. But upon closer inspection, you may decide that their solution simply forces you to make too many compromises.

WP Engine limits the number of visitors your sites can have (as few as 25,000 per month), and won’t allow you to use any plugin that they’ve disallowed. If your favorite plugin, a component required by your preferred theme, or a plugin you track down (or create) to solve a specific issue falls out of favor, then you’re out of luck. Most of WP Engine’s more affordable plans rely on shared hosting — a limited, one-size-fits-all solution which forces them to go to great lengths to ensure (and enforce) compatibility. In a shared environment, any single site’s resource usage or traffic could negatively impact the dozens or hundreds of other sites on the same server; hence the need for restrictions on resource usage and plugins. Compounding the issue is the fact that when you don’t own your own data centers, troubleshooting and resolving issues with the servers themselves can be more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

Liquid Web has been a leader in the web hosting industry since 1997, serving tens of thousands of customers using WordPress — and every other platform imaginable. That experience has allowed us to engineer and optimize our network and power infrastructure, as well as construct data centers from the ground up.

Rather than simply adopting a popular platform and figuring out the rest moving forward, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our mission to perfect the art of web hosting and applied that knowledge to the world’s No. 1 CMS. Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress plans put your sites on equal footing with some of the biggest companies in the world — using the same class of hardware and powered by the same rock-solid infrastructure — with no need to compromise.

Liquid Web vs. WP Engine:
Managed WordPress

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our industry-leading web hosting solutions are built on best-in-class hardware and verified by independent testing to consistently outperform competitors. We don’t limit your sites to a subset of available plugins, and we don’t punish you for success by charging overages whenever the number of visitors to your site grows. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to WP Engine:

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Liquid Web vs. GoDaddy

Considering Web Hosting from GoDaddy?

Considering GoDaddy? Check out Liquid Web!You’ve no doubt seen at least a few of GoDaddy’s ubiquitous ads. In fact, before you ever visit GoDaddy’s website, you probably at least know that they’re famous for their low, low prices. It’s a great pitch, and anyone in need of a basic web site whose expectations for service are in line with the price they’re paying may find GoDaddy an excellent option. Anyone else, however, may want to check the fine print first.

For instance, GoDaddy advertises 24/7 support with every plan. What they don’t advertise is that their definition of “support” is largely limited to account management. Help setting up your server, migrating your site, setting up backups — even auditing disk space usage — are all considered “Expert Services” and charged at a premium rate. Likewise, if you need help fast, you’re probably out of luck.

The truth is, if you ever need help with any of the sorts of issues web hosting customers typically call in about, your $5 shared hosting plan may quickly end up costing you more than you’d pay for a fully managed VPS or Dedicated Server elsewhere. Case in point: An especially common support request is for a PHP upgrade, module installation, or settings adjustment. A Managed Hosting provider will typically do that for you on the phone, while you wait — for free. At GoDaddy, a PHP upgrade to the latest version costs $79, and can take three days to complete. If you need to adjust settings (such as the memory limit, or maximum upload size), that’s another $79 and another three days.

It does add up quickly, but as you already know: You get what you pay for.

Liquid Web vs. GoDaddy:
VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud Web Hosting

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. High-profile ads and high-visibility sponsorships can boost a company’s brand recognition, but only up to a point; we’ve chosen to build our reputation through hard work and by providing industry-leading web hosting with best-in-class hardware. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to GoDaddy:

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Liquid Web vs. InMotion

Considering InMotion for Your Web Hosting?

Considering InMotion? Check out Liquid Web!Choosing the right server for your current and future web hosting needs is rarely as simple as comparing prices on a website. Making the right choice means taking a wealth of factors into consideration: processor type and speed, drive type and configuration, and performance benchmarks to name a few. But did you know that your choice in hosting companies is equally critical?

Before you buy, you deserve to know as much about a web hosting company’s network reliability, data center security, and reputation for service and support as the specs on their servers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, companies rarely share that information with the same level of enthusiasm or sense of urgency as their current “limited-time promotional offer”. Unless, of course, the company you’re considering is Liquid Web.

We’ve built our business on providing the highest-performing servers, most reliable and secure infrastructure, and comprehensive, 24/7/365 Heroic Support®. Our data centers are wholly owned — no one else ever has access to your servers — and we build them from the ground up for performance, security and redundancy. When your reputation has helped make your name synonymous with performance, reliability, support, and above-and-beyond customer service, why wouldn’t you seize every opportunity to spread the word?

Liquid Web vs. InMotion:
Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our industry-leading web hosting solutions are built on best-in-class hardware and verified by independent testing to consistently outperform competitors. In fact, you’ll find that Liquid Web’s base server configurations outclass top-of-the-line offerings from InMotion. Our Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers are competitively priced, contract-free, and don’t require a long-term commitment or expensive add-ons to work as advertised. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to InMotion Hosting:

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Liquid Web vs. Media Temple

Considering VPS Hosting from Media Temple?

Considering Media Temple? Check out Liquid Web!Media Temple, perhaps best known for their shared hosting solutions, offers several Virtual Private Server plans for sites that require more resources or a fully isolated environment.

Like most other web hosts, Media Temple’s VPS plans are available in both managed and unmanaged varieties, but their definition of “Managed” may vary significantly. Media Temple’s Managed VPS offerings are priced in line with Fully Managed VPS plans at other hosts, but the limited number of included services and narrow scope of support may surprise you.

In fact, many of the things you might expect to be included in a “Managed” hosting plan, such as help installing an SSL certificate or plugin, customizing your server or optimizing its software — even the ability to ask questions about setting up your email or FTP client — require an upgrade to higher tier of support. In some cases, that upgrade alone could more than quadruple your monthly bill.

Liquid Web’s Fully Managed VPS solutions include everything you expect from a managed VPS, with hundreds of on-site server administrators, monitoring technicians, and solutions experts available 24/7/365 to answer any question or assist with any issue you may ever have — all at no extra charge.

Liquid Web vs. Media Temple:
Virtual Private Servers

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our mission is to deliver the absolute best products, services, and support in the web hosting industry, and we strive to consistently exceed your expectations at every possible opportunity. In addition to support, our industry-leading VPS hosting solutions are independently verified by third-party testing to consistently outperform competitors. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to Media Temple:

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Liquid Web vs. HostGator

Considering HostGator for Your Web Hosting?

Considering HostGator? Check out Liquid Web!HostGator is one of the most-recognized names in web hosting, but overall impressions are far from universal. Web novices shopping solely on price may welcome the opportunity to lock in their savings through contract terms as long as three years. Likewise, experienced site owners with minimal support needs and expectations may be well-served by HostGator’s offerings.

However, web professionals who aren’t necessarily expert server administrators may be more interested in consistently exceptional service and contract-free terms than snappy marketing and temporary savings.

Liquid Web has been a leader in web hosting since 1997, and our reputation for excellence is built on our high-performance hardware, industry-leading support and world-class data centers. Our on-site staff includes more than 500 expert server administrators, network engineers, and monitoring technicians, and our wholly-owned data centers are built from the ground up for security, compliance, and full redundancy of our infrastructure.

If you’re serious about your web sites and looking for the most cost-effective solution, you may be pleased to know that there’s another option.

Liquid Web vs. HostGator

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our industry-leading solutions are built on best-in-class hardware and independently verified by third-party testing to outperform our competitors. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to HostGator:

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Liquid Web vs. Rackspace

Considering a Dedicated Server from Rackspace?

FPOstockFinding the perfect server for your web hosting needs can be an especially daunting task, and it’s certainly tempting to settle for whichever off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all package your sales agent recommends.

There is, however, a smarter choice: Find a host that honestly cares about your business. One that will listen to your needs, explain and help evaluate your options, and design and fully support a cloud, traditional, or hybrid hosting solution that meets your current and future needs — within your budget.

That may not be the level of service to which you’ve become accustomed, but it’s part of what’s helped make Liquid Web a leader in the hosting industry.

Liquid Web vs. Rackspace:
Managed Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web is the world’s most loved hosting company for a reason. Our industry-leading web hosting solutions consistently outperform competitors and each of our wholly-owned data centers are staffed 24/7/365 with highly trained administrators and engineers who are always available by phone or LiveChat in 59 seconds or less — guaranteed. And we do it all without contracts, long-term commitments, or hidden costs. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to Rackspace:

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Liquid Web vs. Amazon Web Services

Considering an Amazon Web Services Cloud Server?

Considering AWS? Check out Liquid Web!Amazon Web Services’ pay-per-minute and pay-per-region pricing structure for each server, service, and resource used has helped dozens of billion-dollar, multinational corporations serve bandwidth-intensive content to a constantly fluctuating user base. Companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and (until recently) Dropbox may be well-served by that model, but it doesn’t necessarily compute for everyone.

The truth is, anyone in search of a predictable monthly bill to complement their cloud hosting solution may have little choice but to look elsewhere. Likewise, any business without an in-house team of server administrators on 24-hour call or, indeed, one that expects some reasonable level of support to be included in their hosting plan, will be hard-pressed to find it at Amazon.

Fortunately, Liquid Web’s scalable cloud hosting solutions not only include transparent pricing and predictable billing, but they also come with 24/7/365 Heroic Support®. And Liquid Web boasts a few other numbers you may be interested in: Independent, third-party testing of our servers by Cloud Spectator shows that we dramatically outperform Amazon — on every single benchmark test they ran.

As it turns out, the only Amazon feature you won’t find at Liquid Web is the one we’re pretty confident you’re not going to miss: sticker shock.

Liquid Web vs. Amazon Web Services:
Cloud Servers

Liquid Web didn’t become the world’s most loved hosting company overnight — or on its own. For more than 19 years, we’ve delighted our customers by providing industry-leading web hosting solutions built on best-in-class hardware and verified by independent testing to consistently outperform competitors. We’ve also worked hard to exceed their expectations for service and support at every turn, and our customers have been quick to spread the word. We provide competitive pricing that’s completely transparent — and predictable — and we include free, unlimited access to industry-leading 24/7/365 Heroic Support® with every managed server we sell. And, of course, our cloud solutions incorporate one-click scalability and a rich API for full programmatic access. See for yourself how Liquid Web compares to AWS:

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