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David Gibb

David Gibb is the Financial Controller at Liquid Web. He has over 20 years of experience working in Finance. He is a CPA in Canada, CGMA in the United Kingdom, and a CPA in Australia.

Understanding PCI Compliance Questionnaires

How do you become and maintain PCI compliance as a business in 2021? Read this guide to understand PCI compliance questionnaires.
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Magento PCI Compliance Best Practices

Magento online stores need to be PCI compliant if they accept debit and credit card payments. Learn more about Magento PCI compliance best practices.
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4 PCI Compliance Levels: All You Need to Know

PCI compliance levels must be adhered to in order to ensure that payments and customer data are secure. Learn all you need to know about the levels of PCI compliance.
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WooCommerce and PCI Compliance: A Complete Guide

Is WooCommerce completely PCI compliant? Read more about ways you can ensure your site is configured correctly to be PCI compliant on WooCommerce.
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What is PCI Compliance? 12-Step PCI Compliance Checklist

What is PCI compliance and when is it required? Learn all about PCI compliance with our 12-Step PCI compliance requirements checklist.
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PCI Non-Compliance Fees and Penalties

Confused about why you received a PCI non-compliance fee? Find out everything you need to know about how PCI non-compliance fees work and how to avoid them.
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Top Three Best Subscription Business Models to Watch in 2021

Why are the top 3 subscription model companies growing and why are they successful in 2021? Find out and how to apply to your business now.
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How to Determine the Optimal Price for Your Product in a Subscription Business

Determine the right product pricing upfront to stay competitive and earn optimal profit margins for your subscription business in 2021.
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Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Find out exactly what credit card processing is, how it works, pricing models, and merchant fees for your next credit card processor.
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