Andrej Walilko

Andrej Walilko (RHCE6) is a seasoned Linux Administrator, and he is a Migration Project Manager at Liquid Web, developing specialized processes for complex migration types. He enjoys doing woodworking, home improvement, and playing piano in his free time.

Designing a cloud-smart transformation strategy: Top 5 tips

Need solutions for IT scalability issues? Our cloud transformation guide can offer you cost-saving tips, better security, and more efficient business operations.
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Cloud-to-Cloud Migration Made Easy: Tips and Tricks

Overcome cloud data management challenges with these tips for easy cloud-to-cloud migration. Get expert advice, comparisons, and best practices for success.
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Why Resellers Need To Be Dedicated Server Resellers

Get all the tools and guidance you need to start a reseller hosting business with Liquid Web. Detailed tips and steps!
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Expert Tips for Managing Your Own VPS

Looking for expert tips on VPS management? Discover the best tools, services, security measures, and tutorials in our comprehensive guide to confidently manage your VPS.
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What Are CPU Cores vs Threads?

A CPU core is a physical processing unit or processor. Learn how CPU cores differ from threads, how the two are alike, and much more today.
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5 Essential Server Migration Steps

From preparing your server to finally QAing the data after the transfer is completed, check out our guide on how to successfully migrate servers.
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Migrating from InterWorx to cPanel

Find out the exact migration steps you need to take when moving your websites from InterWorx to cPanel control panel management.
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How to Plan a Cloud Migration Project

Cloud migration is the process of moving workloads and apps into a cloud environment. Plan your cloud migration project with our step-by-step guide.
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8 Fantastic Uses for Your VPS Hosting

Are you wondering what to do with a VPS? Find out 8 fantastic uses for your VPS server, including gaming, file storage, and web hosting.
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