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Aaron Binders

Aaron Binders works as a Linux Support Technician at Liquid Web and focuses on resolving server-side customer issues. When not spending time with his family, he has a passion for sports such as football and boxing, as well as reading the latest ICT magazines.

An Overview of IT Architecture: Definition, Types, & Strategies

Find out what IT architecture is and the 3 absolute best IT architecture strategies are for 2023 for scaling SMBs and enterprises.
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5 Ways to Optimize Your Server

Is your server running slowly? Purchasing a new server and want to ensure it is optimized? Here are the top 5 tips for server optimization.
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How to Provide Exceptional IT Customer Support

Ready to provide exceptional IT customer support? Find out what tech support is, the difference between technical support vs customer service, and examples.
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How To Choose Web Hosting for a New Social Networking Site

Find out the considerations you need to take when choosing the perfect hosting for your new social networking site in 2021.
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What Is a Computer Cluster?

Exactly what is cluster computing? And how does it work? Find out how computer clusters handle heavy computation and common use cases.
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Finding an SEO-Friendly Web Hosting Provider

We all want our websites to be found on Google by customers. Here’s the top six things your web host needs to provide for seo-friendly web hosting.
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