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Anchor - A New and Exciting Digital Agency Blog
Are you a digital agency, designer, or developer? Well, we’ve got something we’d like to share with you: our new blog, Anchor.

A New Blog to Serve An Important Group of Customers

At Liquid Web we’ve recently done a lot of research into who our customers really are – we want to know your goals, your pain points – even your favorite superhero (we love Heroes!). One of the things we learned is that one of our most important customer groups is digital agencies. This could include full agencies, freelancers, or one-man (or woman!) design/development shops.

The news about who so many of our customers are wasn’t completely surprising – after all, we talk to our customers every day – but this data made us want to know more and do more. We spent more time researching – making sure we spoke to digital agencies to find out what makes them tick. Following this research, we’ve made a few enhancements at Liquid Web to better serve our customers. The one that we’re talking about today? Anchor.

Anchor’s Content Helps Agencies Run Their Business

Anchor is our new blog with content written for designers, developers, and digital agencies. The content includes tips on running an agency, new trends in the industry, how-to’s for common website development problems, and plenty of helpful WordPress tips – after all, many of our customers use WordPress Hosting! Since so many of our customers fit this description, we wanted to take our Heroic Support a few steps further and provide them with content helpful and relevant to their industry – even if it meant branching out of our own industry.

This blog isn’t about hosting, but it’s about something else that’s beneficial to our customer – and helping our customers in any way possible is what Heroic Support is all about. We’re relying on the expertise of our internal teams and also seeking out industry experts to help us create a space where designers, developers, and digital agencies can both learn and share their own knowledge.

On Anchor you’ll see content like:

… and more!

We have a ton more awesome content lined up – so, go check it out! And while you’re there? Subscribe!


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