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7 Awesome Tracking Tools to Monitor Your Brand

Posted on by Disha Sharma | Updated:
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What would potential clients see if they searched for your agency online? Likely the search results would include sources like social media, third party review sites, and more.

However – what if one of these results included a client ranting on Twitter about how you repeatedly missed your deadlines. How do you think a potential client would respond to such a message? Especially if you didn’t respond to the angry customer and it looked like you ignored the complaint?

You’ll likely lose a project as a result of this – and never even know!

Tracking tools that monitor and market your brand can help you avoid this situation, prevent lost projects due to negative reputation, and receive a consistent stream of better, higher-paying clients.

1.  Hotjar 

Hotjar Website Tracking ToolHotjar is an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool that helps you get an insight into how your visitors interact with your site. It tells you where your visitors click, tap, or hover on your site. This information can help you identify issues with your content and user experience. As an example, when I added this tool to my site, I discovered that people who landed on my testimonials page clicked on the names of the organizations of my clients (looks like they were expecting the names to be links, which wasn’t the case). Based on this insight, I added the relevant links and doing so has boosted the usability of the testimonials.

In addition to reporting user interactions, Hotjar also lets you add feedback forms to your site. You can use the feedback you collect to improve the overall experience of the users on your site.

Hotjar’s basic version is free, and it allows you track 2000 pageviews per day. Paid plans begin at $29/month.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefts - Backlink Tracking ToolAhrefs is a comprehensive backlink checker and tracking tool that keeps track of a site’s URLs, backlinks, anchor texts, and more. In addition to the links, it provides metrics like the domain rating of the site that’s giving the backlink, its anchor text, and more – information you can use to evaluate the quality of a link. Ahrefs’ backlink monitoring feature helps you to ensure that all the incoming links to your agency site are coming from authentic sites.

You can also use Ahrefs to gain insights into your competitors’ rankings with data about their search traffic, keywords, ad copies, and landing pages. In addition, Ahrefs offers a content explorer to find content that works well in your niche. Content explorer can help you identify content that gets the most shares and backlinks in your niche. You can use this feature to come up with post ideas for your blog. Not only that, you can also see the sites that have linked to the original content pieces, so you will have a list of sites to reach out to for seeking backlinks when you publish your content. In addition to all the above, Ahrefs alerts you when you get a backlink or a mention online.

Pricing for Ahrefs starts at $99 per month for one user.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite - Social Media Tracking Tool

Hootsuite is a popular social media marketing tool that helps you connect to, as well as track shares and mentions, on multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more via a single platform. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule posts for all your connected social profiles.If you run a digital marketing agency, you can manage all your clients’ social profiles via Hootsuite’s centralized dashboard. Not only that, you can also add your own social profiles and manage them as well.

Even if your agency offers services other than digital marketing, you can still use Hootsuite to monitor your brand mentions. Hootsuite does an excellent job at this. Hootsuite’s mention stream catches all the instances where you are mentioned online on any of your connected social media profiles. (See the screenshot below to get an idea.)
Mentions of Brand on Hootsuite
Such reporting helps you respond to negative feedback in a timely manner.

Hootsuite’s basic plan is free to use. Advanced plans start at $9.99/month and come with more profiles, advanced analytics, and reporting features.

4. Google Alerts

Google Alerts Tool
Google Alerts is a web monitoring tool that lets you create alerts for keywords. Once you set up the alerts, you’ll receive notifications with links each time those keywords are mentioned online.

The best part of using Google Alerts is you can decide how you want to receive the alerts. For normal keywords, you may choose to get emailed a weekly digest with all the stories. However, for branded keywords like your agency’s name, you may choose to get notified as the mentions happen.

Google Alerts is a free tool.

5. Anewstip

Anewstip Monitoring Tool
Anewstip lets you find journalists who cover a particular niche, so you can send them pitches or contact them via email. Conveniently, you can use this tool to get press coverage for your agency as well your clients. This is made especially easy with Anewstip’s feature to create media lists for each niche (or client).Other than helping you find and reach out to media contacts, Anewstip also monitors news articles and tweets about your brand and competitors, and notifies you when your brand is mentioned online.

Anewstip’s free plan is limited to 10 email pitches a month. Paid plans start at $69/month.

6. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach Monitoring Tool
Ninja Outreach is an outreach tool that helps you connect with the popular blogs and influencers in your niche. It has over 4 million influencers in its database. In addition to the contact details for sites you’re interested in, Ninja Outreach offers many other details like sites’ SEO stats, social media following, average shares, and whether the blog is open to guest posts or sponsored reviews. It also comes with standard outreach templates that you can personalize. You can even manage contacts, organize clients, and collaborate with teams using Ninja Outreach.

Ninja Outreach’s Blogger plan comes at $49/month. You can find their other plans here.

7. Website Grader

Website Grader Tracking Tool
Website Grader, as the name suggests, grades your site on different parameters like SEO, mobile optimization, speed, security, and the site’s overall performance. Website Grader gives your site a score on a scale of 1-100.

If the tool finds that you can improve your score on a certain parameter, it tells you exactly how to improve it. For example, if Website Grader sees that your site pages lack page titles, it won’t just bring this to your notice, but it will also link you to a relevant HubSpot post with tips to improve your score.

If you realize that you’re making a lot of changes based on the tool’s recommendations, remember to take screenshots of the test results as you make the changes. These will help you see how your score gets better over time.

Website Grader is free, but you are required to enter your email to run the test.

Utilize Tracking Tools to Build Up Your Agency’s Brand

Building an agency that clients trust takes a lot of time and effort, but just a few negative online reviews can undo a lot of your hard work. In addition, constantly optimizing and enhancing your marketing efforts will help to ensure a steady stream of projects. The above tracking tools can provide the right data to help your agency move forward.

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