5 Tips on Improving Your Online Store to Increase Conversion Rates

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When you are investing in your website, you will often measure and analyze your conversion rate. As you motion your goal towards are better and better rate of conversion, you will need to search on the best ways to optimize your site for conversion purposes. Allow me to highlight just how you can accomplish that with these 5 tips on how to improve your online store in benefit to your rate of conversion.


Chose a layout that is both appealing and straight to the point. Get rid of the distractions on your site, but particularly on the checkout page. The best idea is to find a few of your favorite layouts that provide simplicity with captivating content. Create a split screen test so that different customers experience different layouts and designs simultaneously. Use the process for a trial period, and then study the conversion rates of both, then select the most successful layout according to your test.


The most popular tool in creating a more successful online store is to actively exercise the 3-second test. This test asks two very important questions, from the eyes of the user:

  1. Can your audience tell what you sell in 3 seconds?
    • While being active on your website, your audience should not have to do much research on the purpose of your site. This should be labeled and provided through the simple layout of your website. Keep your content to the point and let the user know what you are all about. If a potential customer has to dig through your site and then gets lost, then you have lost.
  2. Would your audience trust you with their credit card?
    • The content should express a strong sense of reliability and credibility. The best way to convey your trustworthiness is by posting testimonials from previous clients on your page. If potential customers can see proof that you can be trusted, they will be more convinced to indulge in your product.
    • Also, make it easy to contact your company. Make your phone number a prominent icon on your site, create the ability for your customer to chat with you in real time, and make sure your email information is readily available. If a customer knows that they have easy access to you, they will be more willing to trust.


If there is anything that can quickly ruin your rate of conversion, it would be deceiving or confusing price and shipping information. Too often a shopper will purchase a product, and then unknown shipping or extra pricing fees will appear. Anything that increases cost, whether it just may be more than they expected or a tad above their budget, will risk customer buyer’s remorse. While making the price a flagrant aspect of your page seems counter intuitive, studies have shown that honest and transparent pricing is actually much more beneficial to conversion rates.


Creating a direct line of communication will take your one-time customers and turn them into devoted followers. The loyal customers you develop will be committed to your product, as well as, a good use of a great marketing tool – word of mouth for future customers. It’s very important to create the variety of social media accounts, but by encouraging email subscribers, this will create a much more intimate form of communication that will seem less passive than social media. This doesn’t mean you should only devote yourself to email subscriptions. Social media is a very important tool to keep customers up-to-date in a differing form of communicative interaction.


The easier it is for a shopper to access what they are looking for, the more lively they will invest in your product. Your audience will never react positively to getting lost in your site or not being able to directly find what it is that they are looking for. To best aid your shopper and guide them to the shopping cart, create an available search bar so that they may have access to the product that fit there needs as fast as possible.

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