3 Plugins to Monetize Your WordPress Site

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I went to a conference last year that was different than any other conference I had been to before. I was surrounded by 300 people and as I got to know more and more of them I was astounded by how much money they were making online. Even more surprising, was the way they were accomplishing their goals.

See for many of these online entrepreneurs they didn’t really set out to make 6 figures with their online hobby businesses, but that is exactly what happened. They went to this conference to get more ideas on how to capitalize on the traffic they were getting to their sites. One of the speakers at the conference told us how she created a 6 figure online blog by talking about renovating old trailers but in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

The blockbuster blog post that made everything take off for her centered around how to use a bucket instead of a toilet. NOT KIDDING.

Monetize your knowledge

The truth is that there are a lot of people on the internet looking for all types of ideas, help, and resources. Want to talk about the best way to trim trees? There is a blog for that. Have a secret for all the uses of coconut water? There is a blog for that. The point is, whatever your expertise, there are people on Google looking for your knowledge.

The real question is: how do you monetize all the knowledge you have?

One way to do monetize a blog (and there are many ways) is to create a membership site. Although it is never a bad idea to give away your golden information, restricting parts of your content behind a paid membership area can be an excellent way to start making money from sharing your knowledge.

Three Membership Plugins

There are many different ways to restrict content on your site, but using one of these plugins will be an easy way for you to get started on your membership site.

Restrict Content Pro

This is my favorite option as it has a low entry point of only $99/year plus they make accepting payments easy. They accept credit cards with Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, Authorize.net or PayPal Website Payments Pro. Restrict Content Pro also supports PayPal Standard and Express, as well as multiple payment options at the same time.

What sets it apart is that Restrict Content Pro not only restricts content dripping, but past content as well which is hard to find in a membership plugin. It is easy to set up and you get complete control of handling all of your members and their various subscription needs.

Want to take it for a test drive? You can use their demo site and see exactly how it works.


The first thing I noticed about the MemberPress membership plugin is that it integrates with so many other apps and services. The work they have put into the integrations is really impressive and they can be very useful when creating a membership site.

I love MemberPress so much because of the many integration options. Having the ability to easily combine your membership site with your courseware, like my favorite LearnDash, is a game changer for monetizing your site.

There are many options that are customizable from the dashboard so you can easily control your members and their access to different content types. You can take a quick look at their features and see what you think about their offerings.

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

It is pretty clear on the Liquid Web blog that we love WooCommerce. We have an entirely new hosting platform built specifically for WooCommerce. So it should not come as a surprise that I would have a solution utilizing WooCommerce’s Membership Plugin.

What is amazing about this solution is not only does it sync with your digital membership and products, but also with the physical goods that you already sell using WooCommerce. It provides a seamless experience tying all of these revenue-gaining solutions together.

With this plugin, membership plans are created independently from products. This lets you determine how access is granted for maximum flexibility. You can assign any number of products or none at all to create your unique membership levels on your site. This is the most expensive option of the 3 plugin options here at $149/year. But if you use WooCommerce for physical products already, this is a great solution to continue to monetize your blog or site.

If you, like so many of the people that I met at the conference last year, have found yourself with a high trafficked blog and you are looking to monetize your unique knowledge, then any of these 3 plugins will be an excellent choice for you.

After you start monetizing your WordPress Site, make sure you are partnering with a host that supports your mission-critical site. Learn more about Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress plans.
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