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How to Avoid These Three Major Website Design Mistakes

How to Avoid These Three Major Website Design Mistakes

In the world of web design, even a small mistake can have far-reaching consequences. That’s why it is so important to work methodically on website design and go over your work. Otherwise, you might end up on a site like this one, serving as an example for web design novices of what not to do.

Now, there are certain mistakes that tend to crop up more than others. Today, I am going to examine a few of them. Maybe I will save you from a blunder or two, in the process.

Poor Organization of Content

Is the content on your site readable, accessible, and easily navigable for users on all devices? Is your permalink structure memorable and uncomplicated? Does the arrangement of your categories make sense?

The most frequent mistake I see any designer make lies in organization. A site might be aesthetically pleasing, but that is meaningless if visitors are incapable of finding what they are looking for. Design for usability first, and beauty second.

No Calls to Action

Have you made sure to include clear calls to action on relevant pages? Do users have an easy means of contacting you? If not, do not feel too bad – this is a mistake I have seen made by many. At the same time, it can be a crippling mistake if your aim is to bring in new leads from your site (which, presumably, it is).

You need to think extensively about the sort of action you want a visitor on your site to take. Do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter? Submit a membership form? Purchase a product? Share your content?

Your answers to those questions should inform the design of your site – websites are always best when they are created with their specific audience – and a specific action – in mind.

Lack of Image Optimization

Given that Google considers page speed a ranking factor – especially on mobile devices – you need to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible. That means cutting out unnecessary elements from your design templates, but also doing what you can to reduce the resource load of your site’s media content.

A high-definition, high-resolution image can have a massive impact on site speed. You need to optimize your images and reduce both their size and quality to a manageable level. If you don’t, you will very likely lose potential customers as your page rank drops – and as people abandon your site in favor of one that’s a bit more agile. Check out our tips on how to optimize your images in this blog: “Optimizing Images on Your Website.

Easily Avoid Big Website Design Mistakes

Web design can be tough, and everybody trips up every now and then. You just have to make sure you aren’t making any huge, site-breaking mistakes. Keep any eye out for the above three mistakes and ensure your website will be a shining example of website design done right.

Three WordPress Website Design Trends That You Need to Know

Three WordPress Website Design Trends That You Need to Know

Think about how much has changed since 2011. How many website design trends and new technologies have fallen out of favor? How many new devices made their way onto the market? How many new trends surfaced and gained in popularity?

It is no surprise that WordPress has evolved with the web. The WordPress of today is a very different beast from the WordPress of five years ago, and borderline unrecognizable compared to the WordPress of 2003. But that’s a good thing.

After all, the only constant on the web is change. As a designer, you know that better than anyone – just as you know that it’s your job to stay on top of both what is changing and what will change in the future. Luckily, if you know where to look, that is not hard. (more…)

Welcome Chris Lema to the Liquid Web Family

Welcome Chris Lema to the Liquid Web Family

Written by Joe Oesterling, CTO

We are absolutely thrilled to have a devoted member of the WordPress community join our Liquid Web Leadership team. From the first moment I met Chris Lema, I was impressed. Impressed with his passion, his commitment and his product prowess. Most importantly, I admired how much care and commitment he has for the WordPress community. Understanding our customer and providing solutions that address key pain points is at the forefront of why Liquid Web exists. Web hosting providers don’t often take the time to get to know their customers, understand their problems and provide real solutions. We think it should be different. At Liquid Web, we have solidified our strategy and commitment to the web-dependent professional, small and medium businesses that are reliant on the web and the designers, developers and agencies who serve them. (more…)

Seven Awesome Tricks To Enhance Your WordPress Site

Seven Awesome Tricks To Enhance Your WordPress Site

Even if you are a WordPress veteran, there may be a few things you do not yet know about the platform. That’s the beauty of WordPress, after all – its flexibility means that you can do near anything with it. There are many hidden features, cool tricks, and awesome tweaks you can apply to make your WordPress site better. (more…)

Introducing a Partnership for Better WordPress Management Experience

Introducing a Partnership for Better WordPress Management Experience

Earlier this year we released our Managed WordPress Dashboard into private beta and today, we are ready to announce a significant release to this product.

One question we get asked is, “When are you going to make it easier for us to manage multiple WordPress sites?” Today we have an answer.

We have partnered with iThemes to provide Sync Pro as part of our Managed WordPress Dashboard. Managing multiple WordPress Sites has gotten easier!

Introducing iThemes Sync Pro

Managing multiple WordPress sites with iThemes Sync Pro is easy. It helps save your team time, wow your clients, and allows you to get back to the work you love doing. Sync Pro connects your WordPress site to help streamline your maintenance work.

Sync Pro gives you access to tons of handy tools, including some of these great features:

  • Access important high-level stats from Google Analytics
  • Monitors uptime, downtime and performance of your site
  • Create custom reports for your clients
  • And more!

How Does it Work?

It’s quite easy. Access Sync Pro within our Managed WordPress Dashboard on the site’s page. There, your browser will open Sync Pro and you can begin managing your sites.


Available Today

As part of their monthly plan, new customers will receive Sync Pro. Plans start at $119 per month. Check out our Managed WordPress page for all the details.

Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Dashboard

mwp_manage-site_seo-bootcampWe take care of your security and hosting needs, so you’re able to spend your day working with your clients. You get to use tools specific to building and launching a site with ease. Our Managed WordPress Dashboard features:

  • Create or migrate sites with ease
  • Have automatic backups stored off server
  • Create staging sites from your live sites
  • Access your sites via SFTP
  • FREE SSLs for all your hosted sites
  • Backed by our Heroic Support and Industry best SLAs for peace of mind
  • And more!

Want WordPress without the hassle? Check out WordPress Without Limits, a managed WordPress solution, with one-click staging, one-click backup restoration, automatic updates, automatic backups, and free SSL.

How to Prevent Scope Creep in Your Digital Agency

How to Prevent Scope Creep in Your Digital Agency

Did you know that a whopping 44% of projects faced scope creep last year? Scope creep is tricky – it could be as small as your favorite client requesting an additional round of ‘minor’ revisions … or as big as a first-time client expecting a whole bunch of features they ‘thought were included in the project’. No matter what — scope creep is dangerous and you should keep an eye out for any scope creep warning signs. Why should you want to prevent scope creep? (more…)

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