Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Updated 2/27/15

The intent of the Affiliate Program is to monetarily incentivize companies and individuals to refer new Liquid Web customers which were previously unaware of Liquid Web.  For this reason, partners are prohibited from using any strategy we deem as differing from this intent.  The Affiliate Program is intended to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between our partners and Liquid Web that rewards affiliates for introducing new customers to Liquid Web products.  Any intentional misrepresentation or manipulation that violates the spirit of the partner program is strictly prohibited.

By participating in the Affiliate Program, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Affiliate Restrictions and Responsibilities:
    • Affiliates may not refer themselves.  Any referred account that has the Affiliate or the Affiliate’s own company as the owner will not be approved for commission payment.
    • Affiliates may not bid on or use Liquid Web’s trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords for purposes of generating traffic or clicks via protected SEM, non-compete SEM, SEM display URL content, prohibited web site domain keywords, or prohibited web site URL keywords.
    • Protected terms are as follows:  liquid, liquid web, liquid hosting, storm on demand, storm servers, heroic support, hero support.
    • Affiliates may not link directly to Liquid Web’s web site from a search marketing campaign, i.e., use of display URL.
    • Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that all contact information is legitimate and kept up to date
    • Affiliates in the United States are required to provide relevant Tax ID/EIN information if the commission earned in a calendar year exceeds $600.  Commission will not be paid in excess of $600 per year if Affiliate does not provide this information when required
    • Affiliates utilizing CJ for the Affiliate Program will be required to enter relevant Tax ID information prior to receiving any commission
    • Employees of Liquid Web, Inc. are restricted from participating in the Affiliate Program.

  2. Commission Details and Requirements
    • Referred accounts must be open, active, and in good standing for a period of 60 days before commission can be paid.  ‘Good standing’ means that the account cannot be suspended, past-due, or fraudulent.

    Dedicated Server Commissions
    • Dedicated Server referral commissions are based on the ‘Adjusted Monthly Recurring Cost’ (AMRC) of the initial order only
    • AMRC is calculated by taking the customer’s monthly recurring cost and subtracting licensing fees, setup fees, consulting fees, and excess bandwidth fees.
    • If a customer, subsequent to initial order, requests additional servers, no additional referral commission will be paid. The Affiliate Program only applies to new customers at the facility on their initial order. However, if a customer signs up for multiple machines on an initial order, a separate referral bonus will be paid to the referrer for each machine
    • The recurring 5% commission is payable beginning the second month that the account is active.
    • The 5% residual commission on Dedicated Server referrals will not calculate or accrue if the referred account is not in good standing on the 1st day of the month the residual is meant to accrue.
    • The 5% residuals will stop accruing if the products on the initial order are modified or cancelled.

    Storm Server Commissions
    • Storm Servers include both Storm VPS and Storm Dedicated Servers.
    • Commission will be paid as a one-time amount of $100 per new unique customer account.
    • Storm accounts are not eligible for recurring monthly payments
    • Before commissions shall be paid for any referral, the referred customer must pay for services in excess of the amount of referral commission paid. This provision is intended to account for the use of coupons in the sales process. For example: if a referred customer applies a $100 coupon to cover their initial hosting costs, the $100 commission will be paid to the Partner after such time that the customer exhausts their Coupon and pays for $100.01 in actual hosting costs.

    Shared Hosting Commission
    • Commission will be paid as a one-time amount of $60 per each shared account on the initial order only.
    • Shared hosting accounts are not eligible for recurring monthly payments

    • To receive credit via the ‘Word of Mouth’ method, you must submit a "Word of Mouth" ticket within 45 days of the referred account’s activation date, and the referred account must be validated by Liquid Web.
    • Affiliate accounts must have a minimum balance of $60 to receive commission payment; otherwise the commission for that month will carry over until the minimum threshold is met.  Note:  This requirement is not applicable to Affiliate accounts paid by CJ.
    • Liquid Web may choose, at any time, to require that referred accounts remain in good standing for at least 3 months before a referrer is paid commission.

  3. FTC Disclosure Policy

  4. General Information
    • Liquid Web may modify or discontinue this program at any time.
    • In the event of dispute, Liquid Web’s decision shall be final.