Why Choose Liquid Web?

With over 15 years of experience and 24/7/365 on-site Heroic Support® technicians at state-of-the-art data centers, we’re the perfect match for web hosting needs big or small, managed or unmanaged, dedicated, shared vps or cloud.

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Benefits of Hosting With Us

Choosing a web hosting company can be a confusing endeavor. Many potential customers find themselves swimming through a cluttered sea of suitors, vying for their business with a dizzying selection of specialties and promises. At Liquid Web, we pride ourselves on the simple offer of great customer service, happy to take ownership of any question you have at any time you might have it. When you become a client, you become part of our team. Here are just a few advantages of this partnership:

All of our services are backed by The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting - We’ll help you choose the right solution. If you are looking for a custom multi-server solution, we have architects who can help. If you need support, don’t worry about a thing. Work with one of our 250+ Windows and Linux Certified technicians quickly and on your first contact. You’ll have peace of mind that we’re on-site at our data centers 24/7/365, which allows us to guarantee that you’ll reach us in under 59 seconds by phone or live chat. And we have the industry’s best guarantee – 100% uptime or we’ll credit you 10X.

Free Migrations - Changing web hosts can seem like a daunting task, but at Liquid Web, we have an entire team dedicated to helping you migrate your data from your current host to our servers. This is an incredibly useful resource for customers typically expected to navigate this foggy process with minimal or, in many cases, no assistance, however restrictions apply, so be sure to chat with a member of our sales team for more information.

Our Data Centers - Web hosting is all we do, and we’ve made a commitment to build the best data centers for your servers. We’ve engineered all of our systems from the ground up to provide you with redundant power, cooling, and network systems to ensure your site is available 24/7. Take a Tour of Our Data Center 3 location.

Proactive Monitoring - We know that it’s critical for your site to stay online. Our Sonar Monitoring Team proactively monitors your server 24x7 for issues, and if something occurs, we usually fix it before you even know a problem existed. We monitor everything: software, hardware and our network.

Industry-Leading Services & Tools

You’ll find that our full suite of services complement any hosting environment from the newly launched blog to a full scale enterprise solution. All of our customers have access to our attractive and easy-to-use management console -- also available as a mobile site -- to keep tabs on your servers and services at any time.

Continuous Backups - Rest assured, with Guardian Backup & Recovery, your data is always safe. We deliver off-site backups that continuously capture your entire system configuration to an off-site facility; recovery of your information is quick and easy.

One-Click Installs - Starting a Blog? Need a Content Management System? Our one-click installs make it quick and easy to get up and running. Featuring many popular scripts including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, there’s no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Management Tools - We’re always here if you need us, but we realize that many times it’s more convenient for you to manage things yourself. Our powerful management interface allows you to view statics, billing information, create servers and much more.

Security Services - Keeping your data safe and secure is crucial. When you create a dedicated server, we automatically harden it with our exclusive ServerSecure® service. Beyond that, we offer SSL certificates, PCI Compliance, Firewalls and secure VPNs so that your data is always protected.

The Choice is Easy. Get Started Today.