Terry Flood

Chief Financial Officer

Terry’s not your average “bean counter”. While he is a huge fan of the Data Driven Decisions (D3) philosophy, he couples it with motivation, encouragement, and forward-looking culture to find the types of decisions that focus on customer satisfaction. You will often hear him say that the largest asset of a company is not on the balance sheet. It’s people - exactly the kind of smart and curious people that are working behind the scenes at Liquid Web.

As a tech-focused professional for over 30 years, Terry knows the value of a business with a customer-centric focus. Throughout his career, which includes roles with DoD contractors, software companies, ERP consultancies, executive roles at Logicalis US, and founding a data analytics consultancy, he has created innovative solutions that are always focused on what customers need right now and will need in the future - an approach he further encourages at Liquid Web.

Because of his prior expertise, Terry appreciates the culture surrounding Liquid Web’s customer-focused support team. He believes that it is enabled and knowledgeable employees, who can provide fast and accurate answers to customers with a positive attitude, that really propel a company forward. And, he’s proud to say, Liquid Web has that in spades.

Outside of his professional life, Terry loves to wakeboard, snow ski and is an avid runner. He and his wife Nan have been married for 31 years and have three grown sons – Ty, Corey and Xander.

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