Stefan Nava

Heroic Solutions

Stefan Nava, responsible for leading our Heroic Solutions teams, loves talking to Liquid Web customers. Stefan, who has been with Liquid Web since 2007, has seen the sales team grow from virtually non-existent into a thriving department that truly focuses on helping the customer. Our Heroic Solutions department provides our customers with the best customer service experience by giving them the right solution to grow their business. It is this level of service that encourages customers to keep coming back for more and to continue referring their colleagues - a result that Stefan finds incredibly gratifying. Stefan loves knowing that our customers trust Liquid Web to be a strong and active partner in their business.

Stefan studied Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University. He is also fluent in three languages (English, Spanish, and French) and understands many more, including Portuguese and Italian. He often finds himself using those skills to communicate with Liquid Web’s global customer base.

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