Misty Combs

Human Resources

Liquid Web embraces our Heroic attitude for more than just customer support - we also promise to be Heroic to each other. Misty Combs, the woman in charge of our Human Resources department, has a passion for helping the Heroes of Liquid Web. She handles each request that comes in from Liquid Web employees with care, because she realizes how solving the most minor of problems can sometimes be the most beneficial action in the long run. Her 18 years of HR experience, including a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and the Senior Professional Human Resources designation, has taught her the importance of meeting the needs of company employees because it is those employees that make Liquid Web such a fantastic company.

Misty and her husband, Barry, spoil their two yellow labradors year round. Her favorite time of year, however, is winter, when she indulges her love of snowmobiles.

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