Jim Geiger

CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

Jim sees his job as CEO of Liquid Web as more of a cheerleader for both our employees and customers. As Chief “Encouragement” Officer, Jim motivates Liquid Web’s Heroic Support® technicians and Solutions providers to go above and beyond in their service to our customers. While striving to grow the company, Jim constantly reinforces our dedication to Heroic Support.

His expertise motivating teams goes far beyond Liquid Web, however. Jim has been leading teams in emerging technologies since competitive alternatives to AT&T were cool! He has worked in management and ownership capacities in many related fields, including telecommunications, metro fiber deployment, cellular, complex web hosting, VoIP, and cloud services. For 15 years prior to Liquid Web, Jim founded and developed Cbeyond into a leading provider of VoIP and cloud solutions to small and medium businesses nationwide. His past successes have led him directly to Liquid Web - where he knows he can help spread the word about our amazing service and products.

Jim’s favorite past time is catching (and eating) fish. When not working or fishing, however, Jim lives in Atlanta with his wife of 32 blissful years, Alyssa. Jim and Alyssa are responsible for bringing two wonderful and productive young adults into the world - Garrett and Julia; who live in NYC and Dallas respectively.

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