Our Teams

With a focus on quality and innovation, we are always looking for specialized team members at Liquid Web. With a staff that is divided into nine separate teams for maximum familiarity and efficiency, qualified candidates are sure to find the perfect home amongst them. Take a look at what each of our teams is responsible for and then take a moment to check open positions here:

Heroic Support Team

Supporting our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are always on the lookout for qualified Heroic Support candidates. As a member of the Heroic Support team, you are part of a group of expert technicians working with our customers over telephone, live chat and e-mail.

Monitoring Team

Boasting a strong industry-wide reputation for being a proactive web host means that our Monitoring team serves a varied and important role. This team is home to many exciting positions that will challenge and enrich those who fill them as they provide paramount peace of mind for our customers.

Network Team

The Liquid Web network has been designed to deliver the highest quality network performance. Our Network team works with Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers as well as an exciting list of peers (including Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more) to ensure that our customers’ enterprises stay online 24/7.

Security Team

Our Security team is challenged with the all important task of keeping servers and networks clear of security threats. Safeguarding the backbone of the company, this team offers members a fascinating frontline perspective on threats to the industry as well as the latest and most advanced methods of detecting and defusing them.

Development Team

This is where it all begins. Our Development team consists of an exciting group of bright individuals who are working to innovate every day. With an impressive list of resources at their fingertips, Liquid Web developers are designing the products of tomorrow.

Migrations Team

Our Migrations team operates in a fun and fast-paced environment, transferring our users’ data quickly and efficiently while utilizing the latest technologies.

Data Center Ops Team

With several Data Centers located in the Central and Western United States, this is a varied team entrusted with the security of not only our properties, but also our users’ investments. This team is comprised of eclectic roles in which employees learn to execute a wide-array of skills.

Setup Team

We offer an extensive palette of services and options at Liquid Web. Our Setup team utilizes cutting edge tools and hardware to provide users with custom set-ups, built specifically to serve their needs.

System Restore Team

Our System Restore team is the "emergency response" arm of Liquid Web. Truly a Heroic team, this group is responsible for resurrecting critical data quickly and efficiently in the event of a crash.