Solo Cup - The Solo Cup Company is a packaging manufacturer responsible for some of the world’s most iconic and recognizable beverage receptacles. Solo recently entrusted Liquid Web with its online presence, which it relies on for advertising, customer outreach and product launches that are expected to reach a clientele that spans the entire globe and much more. Back to Top >>

American Airlines - American Airlines is a major U.S. airline, serving more than 260 destinations. With an expansive online presence to service its customers with online ticketing, specials as well as important, up-to-the-second information on flights, American Airlines’ hosting needs are varied from moment to moment. The airline was attracted to Liquid Web for the wide scale of services and security features that help to ensure the security and availability of the data it requires to communicate with its patrons and potential customers. Back to Top >>

Zappos - Zappos is a popular online apparel/shoe store that made it’s name by reshaping shoppers’ expectations of customer service. When looking for a host to accommodate some of its satellite services, Liquid Web was an easy choice as the company recognized that we share their vision for providing the best customer experience, bar none. Much like Zappos, we put a premium on going the extra mile to form loyal and mutually prosperous relationships with these individuals...who now include Zappos! Back to Top >>

Big Ten Network - The Big Ten Network has existed as a highly successful landmark achievement for a college conference by breaking ground as the first dedicated network launched for its own athletics coverage. Bringing sporting events such as Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball (among many others) into more than 100 million households worldwide, the network supports an impressive web presence, streaming many of the events it covers as well as reporting up-to-the minute on conference happenings. Liquid Web has assisted that presence by providing reliable hosting, industry leading uptime and quick, round-the-clock access to knowledgeable support technicians, ensuring the Network’s pages hosted on the Liquid Web infrastructure remain fast and reliable. Back to Top >>

Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic, a medical practice and research group based in Rochester, Minnesota, has long been respected as a beacon in the medical community, worldwide. The clinic employs more than 3,800 physicians and scientists as well as 50,900 allied health staff, making it the largest integrated, not-for-profit medical practice in the world. With many projects branching out from the practice to improve worldwide health and awareness (and requiring an online presence), Liquid Web has stepped up to help them with the secure and reliable hosting that individuals would expect from outlets associated with this vaunted institution. Back to Top >>

Home Depot - As the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, continuing to grow Worldwide, Home Depot needs to ensure its availability to a notably vast customer-base. On top of its reach, Home Depot also offers a substantial list of services for its customers. To ensure an important arm of those services remains quickly available amongst its consumers, Home Depot approached us about our High Availability/High Performance options and our 100% uptime guarantee. Eventually finding Liquid Web’s blend of advanced offerings and 24/7/365 availability to be the perfect fit, we have gained yet another satisfied customer. Back to Top >>

National Geographic - The National Geographic Society was founded in 1888 and, since its inception, has used many different forms of media to perform its mission of educating vast audiences about our planet. As it has expanded its educational outreach efforts, National Geographic has explored many innovative uses of technology to more effectively reach learners in and out of the classroom. Liquid Web has stepped up to assist them in this effort by offering a failsafe home for this growing web presence. With Liquid Web’s 24/7/365 Heroic Support and litany of options for flexible expansion, National Geographic can be certain that its important educational efforts are well supported, never interrupted and have substantial room to grow. Back to Top >>

United Way - The United Way was formed as a coalition of charitable organizations to pool fundraising and support efforts for humanitarian causes. Currently offering a worldwide reach, a branch of the United Way recently partnered with Liquid Web to assist in hosting efforts for a segment of its outreach that is instrumental in supporting Philippine recovery efforts in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan. With flexible VPS hosting and 100% uptime guaranteed, the United Way can ensure their funding efforts are reliable and secure while attempting to assist this important endeavor. Back to Top >>

MegaCable - Latin American Telecommunication giant, MegaCable Sa de CV, depends on Liquid Web’s line of dedicated products to reach their vast network of followers. Specifically, the company has made fantastic use of our Content Delivery Network to ensure that users around the globe can access their services and information while experiencing fast connection times. Additionally, with our Heroic Promise, MegaCable knows that if anything needs to be changed or altered in any way, the fastest guaranteed response times in the hosting industry are there to support them 24/7/365 -- a must for any company whose service spans many time zones. Back to Top >>

GM/Chevy Volt - As General Motors and Chevy have looked to enhance their user’s social media experience, they have reached out to Liquid Web for our expertise in building the perfect hosting environment for a promotional push. The infrastructure for the social networking home of the automakersÍ hybrid electric, Chevy Volt, was designed and maintained by Liquid Web engineers. Back to Top >>

Hitachi - A multinational conglomerate serving customers worldwide, Hitachi defines the concept of “Enterprise Solutions.” Taking note of Liquid Web’s uptime guarantee, Hitachi hosts highly critical technical support applications with unrivaled peace of mind on Liquid Web servers. Back to Top >>

FedEx - FedEx is a United States-based logistics company specializing in express courier and freight services. Since the company expanded its service offering substantially in 2000, it has rapidly become one of the world’s largest and most well-known shipping companies. This accelerated growth has extended to the company’s electronic infrastructure and put a premium on storage that can be quickly and easily expanded. Liquid Web has the extensive and highly trained on-site staff and 24/7/365 service FedEx needs to grow projects at the pace they require as opposed to the speed at which their hosting company allows. Back to Top >>

Detroit Zoo - is the online home to the Detroit Zoo, one of Michigan’s largest family attractions. The Detroit Zoological Society uses a number of hosting features we offer to keep its public informed of upcoming events, attractions, and give those interested an online link to animals in its conservancy. With a number of online promotions and seasonal traffic, the scalability that Liquid Web offers attracted the Detroit Zoo to our hosting infrastructure, also headquartered in Michigan. Back to Top >>

Eddie Bauer - With an array of e-commerce solutions ranging from one-click installs of WordPress (as well as a number of other CMS options), to shopping carts, secure payments, and much much more, we have attracted many small to medium-sized businesses looking for the perfect web host to handle their budding enterprise. Once these endeavors grow, however, scalability becomes of the utmost importance. Liquid Web has proven its ability to handle e-commerce efforts of all sizes by customizing large-scale order fulfillment systems, such as the one hosted on our Storm® platform by Eddie Bauer’s clothing retail web presence. Serving millions of customers, worldwide, Liquid Web ensures that Eddie Bauer orders are executed quickly, smoothly and consistently with its rock solid e-commerce backbone. Back to Top >>

SWAT - SWAT Environmental, a Lansing-based, radon gas mitigation firm, has trusted their online presence to Liquid Web, using our Server Secure Plus to greatly enhance the security, reliability and compatibility of their server and software. The company has seen significant growth in recent years, so much so that they were recognized in Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 fastest growing companies. In addition, the company has expanded to include other services, such as soil, water and air technologies. With Liquid Web’s Server Secure Plus saving SWAT Environmental both time and resources, they can focus on further growing their business and rest assured their online presence is protected. Back to Top >>

United Nations - The international arm of worldwide communication, justice and peace has found great benefit in our myriad hosting options. The UN confidently hosts its United Nations Development Programme -- an important effort designed to fight poverty, protect the environment, monitor health programs, prevent crisis and grow national capacity -- on ironclad Liquid Web servers. Back to Top >>

Schlumberger - Schlumberger currently employs over 113,000 people throughout 85 countries and is the world’s largest oilfield services company. Having heard of Liquid Web’s reputation for reliability and overall stability the company turned to Liquid Web while looking for secure Dedicated Servers with core-managed options. Needing enhanced security and scalability due to the changing nature of services coupled with hosting detailed engineering data, we were able to meet all of the company’s requirements (and them some!) in providing them with a comprehensive solution. Back to Top >>

MTV - The kingpin of music television, modern taste and culture maintains a vast web presence. We are proud to host a portion of it via a Dedicated set-up allocated the mtvU content. This important and highly accessed set-up covers MTV programming and applications geared toward college students. Our secure servers and Heroic Support® team work in conjunction to provide the type of responsive service a popular solution such as this requires. Back to Top >>

Redbull - The popular energy drink that has spawned a number of offshoot ventures, hosts a portion of them with the trademark confidence and support we’re known for. Red Bull Records, a collaborative project forged between the soft drink makers and a former vice president of Atlantic Records, is made available via a customized professional set up designed by our talented and highly trained sales engineers.

Music sites often include videos and downloadable content that requires high availability and lightning fast access speeds. To appease a consumer base that grows to expect improved quickness and quality by the day, Red Bull has worked with Liquid Web to find the perfect High Performance solutions for their online music content. Back to Top >>

Porsche - The rapid development in mobile devices has put creating and hosting specialized content designed to be viewed on the go at a premium in many markets. The famed German luxury car manufacturer, Porsche is no exception to this trend. They have used Liquid Web’s unmatched flexibility to launch and deploy mobile applications for new products. In addition to development, Porsche does not hesitate to take advantage of its dedicated team of engineers, on staff at Liquid Web, to ensure stability and scalability whenever needed. Back to Top >>

Motorola - Many of our enterprise customers have taken advantage of how easy it is to launch new applications on our servers as well as quick and painless migrations orchestrated by our Heroic Support® team. Motorola, the multinational telecommunications company noted for its work in the wireless community, has taken advantage of our quickness and flexibility by reserving space for application launches. Liquid Web offers a distinct advantage for this type of hosting by providing solutions that maximize the user’s value for endeavors expected to peak, or designed to only exist for a finite window, over a certain time frame. Additionally, our 24/7/365 Heroic Support® ensures that these applications maintain uptime no matter what. Back to Top >>

Bic - One of the largest manufacturers of stationery items, lighters, and shavers in the world, Bic strives to create products that are simple, reliable, and make their customer’s lives easier. This is something we can understand at Liquid Web®. Our number one goal is to provide top-notch support through our Heroic Support® team and ensure our customer’s lives are just as easy. Because of our similar philosophies, we were the natural choice to host the company’s primary online presence at With our guaranteed uptime, commitment to excellent support, and 24/7/365 availability, we are perfect match for all of Bic’s hosting needs. Back to Top >>

Ducati - Ducati, the Italian maker of a well-known, elite line of motorcycles, is a brand with fans around the globe. This worldwide interest demanded that any company hosting their online community must offer much more than just the basics. As the primary tool for bringing together Ducati fans, dealers, Desmo Owners Clubs, and Ducati itself to share their love and experiences with the brand, their website is an important tool that’s sure to be available with Liquid Web’s 100% Uptime guarantee and Heroic Support®. Back to Top >>

Bose - The high-end audio specialist tapped us when it was time to spin off applications to be featured on its base website. We were able to engineer a specialized environment for Bose developers to create, without affecting the company’s direct center of operation. With Liquid Web’s signature flexibility, support, and availability, Bose was able to innovate under the guidance and precision of Heroic Support® and top of the line security. Back to Top >>

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) - A Fortune 500 Company known for financially advising some of the world’s most high profile mergers and acquisitions, D&B requires a level of confidence and privacy rivaled by few. Hosting interactive web content on our Dedicated servers, D&B’s administrators rest easy with the assurance that their critical content is protected and our industry leading Heroic Support® team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist them immediately with anything they may require. Back to Top >>

Symantec - Symantec is currently the world’s largest maker of computer security software, noted for its Norton software brand. With our iron clad security features, a union between Symantec and Liquid Web makes perfect sense. Liquid web hosts an important step in the Symantec registration process, verifying users through its advanced VeriSign Authentication Services, on highly monitored and consistently backed up Dedicated Servers in our proprietary data centers. Back to Top >>

As the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company, L’Oreal needs to maintain a powerful online presence and provide a number of applications to its users in order to maintain its lauded status. While utilizing a number of different formats for data storage, L’Oreal has found that Liquid Web’s power and reliability has made it an irreplaceable asset to the company’s promotional efforts. Back to Top >>

Suave - One of the world’s most profitable producers of shampoo, lotion, soap and deodorant products, Suave has found great value in our customized packages. The company worked with our engineers to coordinate its hosting needs with a promotional campaign it launched toward a specialized market. With the help of our highly trained Heroic Support team, we ensured that all systems remained operating at peak fidelity for Suave’s advertising campaign.

Azmara Club Cruises - Azamara Club Cruises is a brand of the Royal Caribbean Cruise line that offers upscale amenities to vacationers. Noted for its unique features, Azamara is one of the most sought out cruise lines for those seeking a luxury experience. With a feature-rich web presence that is responsible for the marketing and sales of its promotions, Azamara came to Liquid Web for our reputation as a versatile hosting provider. Our SLA allows us to offer guaranteed uptime for Azamara’s site. Meanwhile, our many features and flexible options allowed the company to find exactly what it needed to secure its order process and maintain its database. Back to Top >>

Aunt Jemima - Even the famous syrup icon can benefit from guaranteed uptime. We were of critical assistance during a large scale advertising campaign which required flexible bandwidth. Working with Liquid Web allowed for maximum value as the company was able to avoid paying for more bandwidth and availability than was required to keep the promotion up and running smoothly. Back to Top >>

Public Radio International - - The most recent version of was built around a content management system that required a dedicated hosting solution and a number of specific server requirements in order to function efficiently. Liquid Web’s tech-savvy sales staff, fantastic 24/7 support, and competitive hosting packages made a perfect match for our needs, all at a price that fit within the budget of a non-profit organization.

Michigan State University - Large Universities such as Michigan State often have content allocated to their own data centers. Even with large scale, in-house storage, the University has found great value in Liquid Web’s varied services and solutions. Hosting an important and frequently updated page dedicated to the University’s College of Human Medicine on our Dedicated Servers, the University is guaranteed not only uptime and security, but also the unrivaled expertise of our Heroic Support® team. Back to Top >>

Audi Analytics - German automobile manufacturer, Audi, was looking for a reliable hosting environment to support their Audi Analytics platform when another customer of ours referred them to Liquid Web. We were able to develop a platform based on Audi’s particular needs of availability and data security. Our High Availability server options, Guardian Backup solutions, and 24/7/365 Heroic Support® has been exactly what Audi was looking for. Back to Top >>

Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America - A recognized program of the Boy Scouts of America and currently recognized as Scouting’s National Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow recognizes Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. OA service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich and help to extend Scouting to America’s youth. That same dedication was the reason they chose Liquid Web to host part of their site for Order of the Arrow, which they are expanding to include a large, managed dedicated server. Back to Top >>

Toshiba - Multinational electronics conglomerate Toshiba approached Liquid Web about handling the online presence for OCZ Storage Solutions; the company it owns for the engineering of High performance solid-state storage products. As experts in optimizing the way data is captured, stored, accessed, analyzed and leveraged, the engineers at OSZ were looking for a web host that provided similar expertise and would provide provide room for growth as their business expands. Back to Top >>

Xerox - Xerox, well known as a leader in document technology and services, has chosen Liquid Web to run their internal, inventory tracking system on our Storm Platform. The high performance features of the Storm Platform are ideal for functions involving constantly updating data, such as those Xeroxing uses. With the flexibility to make changes on the fly while conserving resources, Liquid Web’s Storm Platform helps ensure that Xerox gets maximum functionality without wasting a single dollar on services it does not need. Back to Top >>

Fila USA - Fila, one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturing companies, came to Liquid Web looking for a fast and reliable host for hundreds of internal email accounts. Our Hosted Managed Exchange platform is ideal for their needs, complete with a whole suite of managed engineering services to support their environment. Back to Top >>

ESPN - The worldwide leader in 24/7/365 sports coverage has an extensive presence on the Internet that requires many front and back end web solutions working seamlessly in tandem, around the clock. To serve its followers, employees and any others that count on the media outlet to be available and operating at peak performance, ESPN has launched a number of instances with Liquid Web spanning from virtual development environments to scalable space earmarked for concentrated, high usage. Back to Top >>

Warner Music Group - One of the largest and longest-tenured record companies in existence, Warner Music Group continues to manage, promote and release material by the world’s most popular artists. With the rabid following many of these acts attract, Warner has approached Liquid Web to assist with the web communities dedicated to international hit-makers, such as English rock band, Muse. Our array of database solutions and knowledgeable engineers, available around the clock, ensure that the fans of these acts can interact and do not miss a moment of news or updates about their favorite musicians. Back to Top >>