Joe Oesterling

Chief Technology Officer - Product, E-Commerce, Technology

If in doubt, follow the data. That’s the mantra of our Technology leader Joe Oesterling, who motivates his team at Liquid Web to create technology that not only meets our customers’ needs but also provides a simple - and delightful - user experience.

Joe has spent decades creating mission critical platforms that not only scale to high numbers of users, but are also fast, secure, and resilient. His experience with Clearleap, Cbeyond, and the big technology titans (IBM, Sony, Booz-Allen, and Capital One) taught him that focus is a key element for achieving results with any business. Motivated by the success Liquid Web has experienced in its first two decades, Joe is applying everything he’s learned about technology, business, and leadership to make Liquid Web the preeminent brand for web hosting and customer support.

A crucial aspect of achieving his goal is to constantly look for ways to improve our products and services, but in his mind the most important thing is results. At the end of the day, success means supporting and growing our customers’ business with the best support experience they’ve ever had.

Joe currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Lee and youngest daughter Kendall. His oldest son, Grant, is a recent Georgia Tech Computer Science undergrad, and his other son, Carter, is enjoying life at WashU while studying Business and Computer Science. He can often be found cheering on his two favorite teams: the Indianapolis Colts and the Purdue Boilermakers!