Courtney Skarda

Vice President, Sales

As an experienced Sales Leader, Courtney was deliberate in her choice of Liquid Web as the place to invest her energy. She was attracted to Liquid Web’s strategic focus on the SMB customer market, their passion for delivering the products, programs and services that enable Web Dependent professionals to grow and their industry leading support. It sets the foundation for her drive to create a culture where people can’t wait to come into work, because they believe that what they do matters, love the people they work with, and can see and feel the difference their contribution makes.

Courtney is responsible for leading the Web Inbound, Enterprise, Sales Engineering and Enablement teams. She brings a wealth of experience leading organizations in Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources. Her 11-year tenure with Rackspace included Lead Qualifying (Q-Team) founder and manager, Director of SMB Sales, Vice President of Online Sales & Marketing, and interim Chief Marketing Officer. Courtney helped grow the company's customer base from 12,000 in 2006 to over 190,000. In her last role with the company, she was the Vice President of Racker Experience. Prior to Rackspace, Courtney worked at Dell managing Online and Relationship Sales.

Outside of the office, you can find Courtney channeling her competitive spirit on a bike at a spin class, or supporting her oldest son, Jackson at a band concert, or a baseball game yelling (calmly, of course) for her youngest son, Brady. Courtney believes in the power of investing time and financial support by mentoring others, supporting the start-up tech scene, and giving back to the community. Courtney is a fan of free smiles, big hugs, speaking passionately about things you believe in, a good glass of wine and a nice pair of shoes.