Colocation Expectations


This document outlines the differences between using Liquid Web provided hardware and your own colocated server hardware in a Liquid Web data center.

The Terms of Service covering server colocation are linked on your invoice, and also can be reviewed on our website.

As a colocation center, Liquid Web provides power and network connectivity to your server, as well as access to the server as needed. For colocated servers, we are not able to provide certain types of support. For instance we do not login to the server or make server configuration changes for you (with the exception being Hands On Support, outlined in more detail below.)

The two sections of the Terms of Service that you will most want to be aware of are:

  1. RIGHT TO ACCESS SPACE. (a) Liquid Web retains the right to access the Space at any time and from time to time to perform maintenance and repairs, to inspect the Equipment and to perform the Services. (b) The Customer agrees to provide Liquid Web twenty-four (24) hours notice before visiting the Space. The Customer shall provide written notice for the visit, including the date, start, and end time of visit, the expected length of the visit, its account information, name of all visitors, and specify the hardware it will access at such visit. Failure to provide the requested information or provide twenty four (24) hours written notice may result in a delayed visit or a fee for the visit. Customer agrees that it will receive authorization from Liquid Web for tools or additional hardware it needs for the visit or for any installation of such hardware. Should the Customer fail to arrive or reschedule this visit with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice, an additional fee may apply. (c) Customer shall receive twenty-four (24) hours of escorted access per calendar year per account. Hours spent in the data center beyond the allotted twenty-four (24) hours are subject to additional fees. A single visit has a maximum cumulative time limit of four (4) hours, which includes any time the Customer spends outside of the data center. Should the Customer require more than four (4) hours, such visitation is subject to an additional fee and is outside of the yearly twenty-four (24) hour allotment.
    Colocated equipment is to be provided and configured by the Customer before being shipped to the Space. Additional hardware will not be made available for sale by Liquid Web. ‘Hands On Support’ may be provided by Liquid Web at an additional charge. A “helpdesk ticket” is required for “Hands on Support” as well as specific instructions from the Customer on how to remove/replace the hardware components for the general maintenance of the equipment. Installing OS, software, or otherwise configuring the server is outside the scope of ‘Hands On Support.’ Liquid Web reserves the right to refuse providing such ‘Hands On Support’ at its discretion, makes no warranties, and is not responsible for any damages caused to hardware, loss of data or loss of service as a result of the ‘Hands On Support.’

We’ve broken down the information contained in these sections for you here.

What is colocation service?

Server Colocation is when you as a customer physically bring your server (including all of the actual hardware, software, and associated licenses) to a secure Liquid Web facility. Liquid Web guarantees power and network connectivity to your rack. There will be a signed Colocation Contract detailing the policies, expectations, and costs of colocation service so that you understand specifically what this service does and does not entail.

What will Liquid Web do with my hardware?

Liquid Web will not login and make any changes to your hardware or in any way tweak your setup or configuration leaving your server to operate as you intend.* This means that colocated equipment needs to be configured by you before it is delivered to the datacenter. Installing an OS, software, or otherwise configuring the server is outside the scope of our colocation support. Liquid Web does offer Hands On Support as an add-on should you need remote assistance. This service is $50 per hour (minimum 1 hour). We will assist with plugging in power and network cables, setting up remote access, changes to BIOS, and performing power supply or drive changes with only customer-provided equipment. Liquid Web is not able to assist with software issues beyond setting up remote access and does not have additional hardware available for purchase. A ticket is required for all Hands On Support requests.

*The only time that we may interact with the server without your express permission is if the account is suspended or terminated for payment or TOS issues. In this case, the server will be shutdown until the issues have been corrected.

How do I access my colocated server?

You may request a visit to the Liquid Web datacenter to access your server via Phone, LiveChat, or Ticket. 24 hours notice is required and you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Time and date of the visit, as well as expected duration
  • Account number as well as the names of the servers that will be undergoing work
  • Full name of all visitors
  • Notification of any new hardware to be installed
  • Notification of any cable requests that are required to be finished prior to the visit
  • Notification of any documentation such as SSAE 16 needed during the visit
  • Notification of any other special circumstances or needs that must pre prepared at the time or beforehand

All visitors will need to present their photo ID at the front entrance to be matched with the submitted visitor list and will be escorted by a Liquid Web employee for the duration of the visit. Tools and hardware will not be provided and any hardware being added to the rack needs pre-authorization. This is done to maintain the security of the facility to protect your hardware. 24 hours notice is also needed so that the infrastructure team can make any needed adjustments to the power and connectivity allocation for your space.

How long may I spend in the datacenter?

A single colocation visit has a maximum time limit of 4 hours, which includes any time you spend off-campus during the visit to retrieve tools, parts, or for other reasons. The Colocation Contract covers 24 hours of access per calendar year, per account. If your visit will require more than 4 hours or you surpass your yearly limit, you will be invoiced for an Extended Escort fee and charged $20 per additional hour, but this additional time does not count against your yearly allotment.

What if I have a scheduling issue with my visit?

Emergencies do come up from time to time. If you cannot give the required 24 hours notice you may still schedule an emergency visit. A request will need to be made via Phone, Live Chat, or Ticket. An Emergency Colocation Visit fee will be applied for $20 per hour (which does count towards your normal yearly limit). If you have given us 24 hours notice to prepare your escort and then do not arrive for that appointment at the designated time, this will incur a $50 Missed Appointment fee to cover the preparations that were made for you. If you notify us to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice, the visit will be considered an Emergency Colo Visit and charged accordingly.

Do you offer Remote Hands Support?

If you are unable to travel to the datacenter to work on your server, Liquid Web does offer Remote Hands Support. This is initiated by opening a ticket with support with your request and will require specific, explicit instructions on what you are requesting and any information we will need to process that request. This can include hardware removal or replacement, but not changes to the operating system, software, configuration, or troubleshooting of server issues. In addition, you will be invoiced a $50 per hour (minimum 1 hour)  Remote Hands Support fee.