Clearing Your Browser Cache

Your browser has a local file store that contains the images, CSS, JavaScript and other files of websites you’ve recently visited. These files are stored and can be served locally, therefore increasing page load performance and access times dramatically.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to clear your cache — beyond freeing up space or clearing your browser’s Internet history, a stale cache may prevent you from seeing changes to a site. If you’ve recently updated your site and are still seeing the old content, it’s very often solved by clearing your cache. All browsers’ menus are different, however, so we have compiled directions on how to clear the cache of every major browser.

Internet Explorer 7

  1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options…
  2. Choose the General tab
  3. Under Browsing history, click Delete…
  4. Next to“Temporary Internet Files”, click Delete files…
  5. Click Close, and then click OK to exit

Internet Explorer 8

  1. From the Safety menu, click Delete Browsing History…
  2. Check Temporary Internet Files and History, and then click Delete

Firefox 3.0

  1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data
  2. check Cache and click Clear Private Data Now

Firefox has a keyboard short-cut that will clear your browser cache, in addition to browsing history, cookies and authenticated session – a fantastic tool for the security-minded:


Firefox 3.5

  1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History…
  2. Choose the range of time for when you would like the cache cleared
  3. Click the Details button, and make sure only Cache is checked
  4. Click Clear Now

Firefox 3.5 uses the same keyboard short-cut as Firefox 3.0 and lower, though it has an additional confirmation dialogue:



  1. From the Safari menu, select Empty Cache…
  2. In the confirmation window, click Empty

Google Chrome

  1. Click the Wrench icon
  2. Select Clear Browsing Data
  3. Check Empty the Cache
  4. Finally, click the Clear Browsing Data button

Just like Firefox, Chrome has its own Clear Private Data short-cut:



  1. Select the Tools menu
  2. Choose Delete Private Data


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