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How To: Change Monitoring Settings Using Manage

Our monitoring team is on site every hour of every day keeping an eye on your server. Using manage, you can check your monitoring status as well as make changes to the server’s monitoring settings.


New User Tutorial: Whois

The Whois command is used to collect information about a domain including who owns the domain, basic contact information for the domain owner, and the nameservers that the domain is using.


New User Tutorial: What is DNS?

To the inexperienced user the Domain Name System (DNS) can seem very intricate and complicated. While it can in some cases be complex, DNS problems can be easily diagnosed once you understand the basic core ideas behind it.


New User Tutorial: Basic File Permissions

Understanding file permissions is key to running a web server. Permissions control which users can read a file, make changes to a file, or execute a file/script/etc.


New User Tutorial: Basic Shell Commands

Now that you know how to SSH into your server it is important to familiarize yourself with some basic command line tools.


New User Tutorial: Basic SSH

If you have an account on a cPanel server with shell access or your own VPS or Dedicated server running Linux then SSH is a powerful tool to have in your skill set.


Backups Demystified

One of the most neglected facets of operating a website is maintaining backups.  Having a backup of your content helps ease your mind that your site can be easily recovered from disaster.


Safe Passwords

Your server is only as secure as your weakest password. As a rule of thumb, the more complex a password, the stronger it is.


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