Our Heroic Support technicians are located on-site at each of our data centers.

Liquid Web October 2011 Newsletter

October 25, 2011 -

Explore Manage.Liquidweb.com

You may have noticed earlier this month we replaced PIMS with our dynamic new management tool at Manage.LiquidWeb.com! This option-rich interface is already streamlining and modernizing the way all accounts are managed, not to mention introducing an unprecedented level of control over your server. Amongst the new features, users can launch a Smart Server directly from the management tool, clone or resize a server with the click of a button, perform automatic migrations, manage firewalls and set up advanced networking configurations, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, see what our users have been raving about!  [Learn More]

Learn more about Liquid Web Hybrid Hosting Explore the Liquid Web Store

Imagine the ability to deploy and manage a mixture of Cloud servers, as well as Dedicated Liquid Web servers within the same management interface. Many of our customers are already experiencing this as a reality with Hybrid Hosting from Liquid Web. Check out the level of security, high performance solutions, and scalable infrastructure that Hybrid Hosting delivers for yourself, and you will quickly see why so many contemporary businesses are starting to enlist this unique hosting environment!   [Learn More]

Have you ever been so happy with our industry leading Heroic Support that you wanted to put your love for it on display? If so, today is your lucky day, because we’re debuting our brand store with a special offer. Sign up for the store now, and not only will you be able to start earning points toward fantastic Liquid Web gear, but you will also receive a free Liquid Web Hero mascot!  [Learn More]

Liquid Web PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is the certification standard required to accept credit card transactions from the five major credit card companies. Liquid Web is staffed by Heroic Support experts in networking and security. We are fully equipped and trained to customize your infrastructure to make sure it complies with all applicable PCI Compliance standards so that you have the maximum amount of secure payment options. If you are hosting any type of eCommerce solution, let us ensure you are getting the most value out of it today!
[Learn More]

Windows Hosting from Liquid Web

While widely regarded for our experienced and knowledgeable service in the Linux Hosting environment, many customers are beginning to notice our extensive selection of Windows Hosting options. Armed with Microsoft certification, Liquid Web has what it takes serve the needs and answer the questions of those supporting Windows Hosting with an always available 24/7/365 Heroic Support® team that stays on the cutting edge of Microsoft’s latest offerings!  [Learn More]

Liquid Web Launches New Management Interface

September 29, 2011 - LANSING, Mich.-- Managed Web Hosting Company, Liquid Web (www.LiquidWeb.com) is pleased to announce the launch of its new proprietary Management interface, manage.liquidweb.com, as well as a contest in which users are encouraged to help name the management tool in exchange for the chance to win a Kindle Fire. The new management interface, developed in house by Liquid Web, is set to drastically streamline and modernize the way all accounts are managed for new and current Liquid Web customers, as well as provide added controls to the users' experience.

The manage.liquidweb.com account management interface features significantly enhanced functionality by adding an array of features previously unavailable to customers:

  • --Clone a server directly from the management tool
  • --Resize a server with the click of a button
  • --Automatic migrations directly at users' fingertips
  • --API Access to programmatically control your infrastructure
  • --Integrated Firewall
  • --Advanced networking controls made easy
Manage.liquidweb.com will also bridge the gap between the management of our traditional hosting solutions (Dedicated, VPS and Shared) and our powerful new Smart Servers. This will unlock the flexibility needed for you to create extremely powerful and reliable Hybrid Hosting Solutions that utilize cloud servers as well as dedicated servers within the same physical data center.

Customers will experience the marked difference between the new Liquid Web account management tool's robust and unique line of features and what was previously offered, via the PIMS Dashboard, starting on September 28th. All Liquid Web customers will be able to use their existing PIMS login credentials to gain access to manage.liquidweb.com immediately.

As users test out the new management tool, Liquid Web is encouraging them to help name it with the promise of a chance to win the soon-to-be-released Kindle Fire from Amazon. The contest will involve users suggestion names via the company's Twitter and is outlined in detail here:


Liquid Web Sponsors the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund

September 22, 2011 -

We are excited to announce that we've recently made a significant donation to assist in the continued development and maintenance of the dynamic and powerful Perl programming language. With a clear commitment to innovation and development, we are certain that the $10,000 donation toward to Perl 5's Core Maintenance Fund (Perl 5 CMF) will help to ensure the continued advancement of what it considers a powerful resource.

At Liquid Web, we've developed much of our software using perl and continues to do so. The programming language serves as an integral tool for the continued development of our existing systems such as its billing, support and monitoring programs.

Liquid Web Founder and CEO, Matthew Hill, speaks on the importance of the Perl Community:

--"Giving back to the Perl community is something we've been interested in for some time. As Liquid Web continues to expand and grow, we find the need for more developers proficient in perl grows in kind. Supporting Perl's continued excellence ensures that important programs that have proven invaluable to Liquid Web's success will continue to perform to our specific needs.

Perl Announces Liquid Web Sponsorship

Karen Pauley, President of the Perl foundation, was delighted with the news of the donation. "This investment in Perl's future from Liquid Web will go a long way to help maintain the viability of Perl 5 as a platform for the many businesses that depend upon it and will deliver a positive impact upon the entire Perl community," stated Pauley upon hearing of the donation. The Perl Foundation is encouraged with success stories such as that of Liquid Web and other companies that have been built on the programming language's strong foundation and is excited to continue moving forward with them.

Liquid Web September 2011 Newsletter

September 08, 2011 -

Liquid Web Included in INC Magazine Fastest Growing Companies SSAE 16/SOC Certification

We’re elated to announce our fifth consecutive selection to INC Magazine’s prestigious INC 5000 list! Having demonstrated an astounding 404% growth since our first inclusion on INC Magazine’s list, we came in this year in the upper half of the list as the nation’s 1,703rd fastest growing company. This list profiles the nation’s 5,000 fastest growing companies and is considered one of the most desired and well-respected honors a young company can have bestowed upon it.   [Read More]

Through our diligent efforts and an ongoing commitment to excellent business practices, we have recently achieved SSAE 16/SAS70 and SSAE Type 2 certification. Liquid Web's procedures have been certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to address risks related to IT in all critical areas including security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. These certifications provide Liquid Web customers a level of assurance and confidence that is unmatched.

Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund

Much of Liquid Web’s powerful infrastructure was built upon the foundation of the dynamic Perl programming language. As longtime admirers of its capabilities, we’ve been looking for an occasion to give back to the Perl Community for some time. We recently took this opportunity via a $10,000 sponsorship the Perl 5 CMF. Karen Pauley, President of the Perl Foundation gratefully accepted this gesture, stating, "This generous donation will go a long way to help maintain the viability of Perl 5 as a platform for the many businesses that depend upon it. This investment in Perl’s future from Liquid Web will have a positive impact on the entire Perl community."

Liquid Web Arizona Data Center

If you have been following our exciting expansion to the Western US with Liquid Web Arizona becoming a reality this summer, your curiosity may be quenched with a new page on our website detailing the development and specifications unique to our burgeoning Phoenix home. As you may notice, there are a number of features and advantages specific to this location detailed on our new page. We pride ourselves on offering, not only Geographic Disparity with this endeavor, but also subtle differences to what's available in our Michigan locations. We look forward to offering our customers even more options to custom fit their specific needs.

Liquid Web Named to Fastest Growing Companies in the United States for Fifth Straight Year

August 23, 2011 -

-Clocking in on INC. Magazine's annual top 5000 as the 1,703rd fastest growing company in the United States.

We just added an impressive fifth consecutive year to our run as one of INC. Magazine's 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States. This honor is considered one of the most prestigious for young businesses in the United States as it represents the future of industry; a hopeful look at those navigating some of the most unfavorable economic conditions in the country's history, and finding a way to thrive.

2011 Award

Liquid Web Founder and CEO, Matthew Hill, reflects on the company's fifth consecutive selection to the INC. Magazine 5000: --"We're proud to be included on INC. Magazine's list once again. As I look at the list I see a number of peers and greatly respected companies that I'm proud to see Liquid Web's name next to. As we move forward with our expansion in Arizona as well as continuing to develop our stable of innovative web hosting products, I look forward to building onto this five year honor."

The list, which takes into account each company's industry, revenue, number of employees and location, is based on percentage of revenue growth over a three-year period. Since our first inclusion on INC. Magazine's celebrated list, the company has ballooned from $7.7 million revenue annually to $31.1 million, representing an incredible 404% growth. As the company's revenue has grown, we have also amplified our workforce, developing a reputation as one of Michigan's top employers. As our expansion across the United States takes hold, we're expecting to see this steady growth not only continue, but to accelerate commensurate with our expanded resources.

Liquid Web August 2011 Newsletter

August 08, 2011 -

Liquid Web Donates to Underpriviledged Families Liquid Web Arizona - Networking In!

We recently teamed up with the nonprofit Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC) to deliver over 300 PC's to underprivileged families. The ITEC provides a crucial service to those within its reach by helping transitioning adults acquire the work skills they need to remain competitive as well as providing programming workshops to interested youth. We were proud to work with them and continue to look for ways to give back to the community that works so hard to support our growth. [Read More]

In our July Newsletter, we introduced you to our new Phoenix Data Center. This month we are one step closer to full scale deployment with the installation and testing of our core network equipment. Featuring redundant long-haul connections between our Lansing and Phoenix facilities as well as an entire 10GB backbone network, there is a lot of reason for our elation over this expansion. As mentioned last month, we are still on the lookout for new talent in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area to join our team as we grow. Consult our Jobs page if you or anyone you know would like to be a part of this exciting endeavor.

Learn more about Liquid Web Peering

Welcoming an impressive list of new peers in the past several months, our network is now stronger than ever! By teaming up with the substantial networks of peers such as Amazon, Equinix, Google, Hurricane Electric, Microsoft, Shaw, Yahoo and more, we have made significant strides in developing connections that will provide the most rapid service for our users and make latency issues a thing of the past. [Learn More]

New Management Interface Coming Soon

Thanks to the diligent efforts of some of our finest Heroes, we will be introducing a new and significantly improved management interface very soon. Be on the lookout for these changes as we will now have the capability to consolidate all of your billing and accounts into one, easy to use and intuitive tool that we are very proud of. More on this in the coming months!

Liquid Web Donates PCs to Underprivileged Families

August 05, 2011 - We recently had the opportunity to give back to our community by joining forces with the nonprofit Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC) to deliver over 300 PCs to its efforts to provide Information Technology training to those who do not have it readily available. The ITEC plans to use these computers to train transitioning adults acquire the work skills they need to remain competitive as well as providing programming workshops to interested youth.

ITEC Executive Director, Kirk Riley, elaborates on how our donation will assist the non-profit's cause:

--"Liquid Web's generous donation to ITEC will enable us to expand our work in Greater Lansing to build the computer and IT skills needed for tomorrow's jobs. Working with Liquid Web and our many other partners, ITEC aims to inspire children and adults through challenging creative experiences, and seeks to build confidence in students' sense of technical proficiency."

Having spent the past five years climbing INC 5000's Fastest Growing Companies ratings, we hope to continue to find ways to use our success to give back to the technology initiatives that feed into our development, as well as the community that supports us. This PC donation precedes an expected upcoming donation of a significant amount to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund, an organization founded upon the continued research and development of the script that much of Liquid Web's infrastructure is built upon. We view gestures such as this as an opportunity to communicate a philanthropic message while simultaneously investing in our future.

Liquid Web July 2011 Newsletter

July 13, 2011 -

Liquid Web Introduces 96GB Smart Servers

We are now offering our Smart Servers, already renowned across the hosting market for combining the power of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of a cloud, in illustriously powerful 96GB plans. By engineering a server with, by far, the best I/O performance available, we have raised the ceiling on our own definition of “most powerful server.” [Learn More]

Learn more about Job Opportunities Learn more about IPv6 Transition Support

We are incredibly excited to be entering the final stages of bringing our fourth, and newest, data center online in Phoenix, Arizona! Not only are we excited to provide a location in close proximity to our West Coast customers, but we are also currently on the lookout for new talent in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Consult our Jobs page if you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the Liquid Web team. Additionally, if you are interested in deploying servers with us in Arizona, contact sales for more information about expanding to our new location.
[Contact Sales]

With the number of IPv4 addresses dwindling, the adoption of IPv6 has become a legitimate networking concern for those who will need to make the transition. Our 24/7/365 Heroic Support® team is available to walk you through the transition and help you unlock the significantly enhanced networking capabilities IPv6 will provide.
[Learn More]

Learn more about Small & Medium Business Solutions

If your organization’s IT presence is growing and you find yourself in need to adapt with creative solutions, large or small, as well as the know-how to implement them, we’ve got you covered! From High Availability Business Servers, eCommerce feature sets, continuous backup and recovery, Storage Area Networks and our new Content Delivery Network, we have the tools to take your business to the next level.  [Learn More]

Learn more about Liquid Web Disaster Recovery

Every day a new horror story emerges about an organization or company that has lost critical data through no fault of its own. We go beyond mere backups to provide varied strategic plans for your important data, including Geographic Redundancy in two separate Disaster Neutral locations!
[Learn More]

Introducing the 96GB Smart Server

July 12, 2011 -

We're excited to introduce you to the latest advancement in server hosting technology! We've just added our first batch of 96GB Servers to our Smart Server line, already the industry standard for creative and flexible hosting. By combining the power of dedicated server hosting to the easy-scalability of cloud hosting, Liquid Web has taken a good thing and made it better with our 96GB Smart Servers which have achieved, by far, the best I/O performance available, thanks to our extensive engineering.

In addition to 96GB of RAM, each of these servers contain 32 cores (at 2.0GHZ each, 64.0GHZ total), writes at over 3 Gbit/s and reads at over 4 Gbits/s. This is integral to the 96GB’s unparalleled I/O performance which allows these servers to operate larger operations at previously unheard of speeds. Unlike most large dedicated servers, Smart Servers’ flexible daily billing and cloud-enabled features allow you to use the space and incredible speeds provided by our 96GB Smart Servers to its maximum value with minimum wait time between scaling, migrations and creating new server instances.

New 96GB Smart Server Features:

  • 96GB RAM
  • 32 Cores operating at 2.0GHZ each
  • 3.3+ Gbit/s writes
  • 4.0+ Gbit/s reads

The ease of scaling seamlessly from a small server instance to literally the most powerful server hardware available has come to set Liquid Web’s Smart Servers apart in the hosting market. With 96GB Smart Servers, we have raised the ceiling on our own definition of “most powerful server.” This seamless scaling, up or down, can all be done as simply as a mouse click or automatically leveraging our complete API. We believe users shouldn't have to sacrifice performance to utilize the power of dedicated hosting.

All Smart Servers are available with your choice of Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian. Liquid Web’s world renowned Heroic Support® is optionally available on all Smart Servers. You can learn more about the new options athttp://www.liquidweb.com/SmartServers/pricing.html or by calling (800) 580-4985. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately with any questions you might have. Thanks to our Heroic Support® staff and automatic migrations, your important applications could be benefiting from this outstanding flexibility right away.

Due to the popularity of these brand new configurations, supplies are limited. To reserve your 96GB Server, contact our sales team today at 800.580.4985.

Announcing the Liquid Web Content Delivery Network (CDN)

May 09, 2011 -

Announcing the Liquid Web Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We’re contacting you today about a very exciting addition to our already diverse palette of hosting options. Liquid Web is now offering an option-rich Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our CDN is already being utilized by 19 of the world’s top 20 Telecommunications Companies, 9 of the top 10 U.S. Internet service providers, 4 of the top 5 U.S. wireless providers as well as many of the most recognizable names in Cable.

Learn more about Liquid Web CDN Options
Host Your Content Close To Your Visitors

Content Delivery Networks speed up the Internet by bringing content closer to your location. Our CDN features 35 strategically placed caching locations worldwide, including over 4,000 servers in North America, Europe, and Asia, making it one of the most vast networks to-date. That means that your data is hosted closer to your end-user, ensuring that it will travel faster and more efficiently than you ever imagined.

Liquid Web CDN Advantages
Latency-Free Expansion
Global Accessibility
Enhanced Content & Fully Realized Web Performance
Experienced and Knowledgeable Service
Premium Performance In an Affordable & Scalable Environment
Trusted Delivery from one of the Worldâs Most Connected ISPs

Allow Us to Customize a CDN Solution For You

If you feel your day-to-day operations could benefit from the rapid, secure delivery of your data, in the fastest configuration available to-date, please take a moment to check out our website and browse our statistics as well as our flexible options. If you don’t immediately see a package that fits your needs or still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. With our available options, we’re sure to have a plan that will keep you competitive for years to come.

Learn more about Liquid Web CDN Options

Introducing Smart Servers by Liquid Web.

March 01, 2011 -

Introducing Smart Servers

Liquid Web has invented a proprietary technology called Smart Servers that blend the best of managed dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of Cloud Computing. Liquid Web Smart Servers are dedicated servers combined with powerful cloud computing features - all guaranteed by Liquid Web 24x7 Heroic Support.

Now you don't have to worry about the challenges inherent with public cloud offerings like instability, contention for I/O, uncertain hardware infrastructure and enormous individual usage charges for every item.

The Benefit of Smart Servers

Liquid Web Smart Servers are complete familiar dedicated servers exclusively allocated to you, with zero contention for resources! This eliminates the security concerns that come with a shared environment like many other cloud providers. With Smart Servers, you will never have to compete for I/O with another user or be uncertain about the underlying hardware that your application resides on. Liquid Web Smart Servers allows users to select the exact hardware configuration they desire just like ordering a traditional dedicated server!

The Smart Server Provisioning System was engineered by Liquid Web's Software Development Team in Scottsdale, Arizona and Lansing, Michigan. The Smart Server Provisioning System allows for powerful cloud enabled features including:
  • Automatic Migrations
  • Create one or many Dedicated Servers in Minutes
  • Flexible Daily Billing so you only pay for what you use
  • Advanced Networking Made Easy
  • Clone and Resize Servers with ease
  • Bandwidth Included

With Liquid Web Smart Servers, the hassles of a traditional Dedicated Server are eliminated.

*Liquid Web Smart Servers requires a valid Credit Card and monthly billing setting active on your account.

This Quarter in Training

April 07, 2010 -

Our Level 3 Techs like to keep up to date on everything in Web Hosting to better support you.  Our training department has been growing and improving in the last year, to help them.  One way we've helped them is by adding a group of classes to our training department called On-Going sessions.

Some of the recent topics have included:

  • Plesk on Linux
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL Troubleshooting
  • Apache Performance tweaking

If you have a suggestion for topics you would like us to know more about, let us know: support@liquidweb.com

Live Chat Heroic Support

October 13, 2009 -

Liquid Web is proud to add Live Chat Heroic Support for our valued customers. This is in addition to the phone, HelpDesk and email support that is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week by experienced server administrators.

Live Chat Heroic Support provides our customers another quick way to get in touch with Liquid Web's technical staff.

Log in to Chat with a Heroic Support Agent

Managed Zimbra Hosting - Exchange Compatible Business Communication and Collaboration Suite

October 13, 2009 -

Liquid Web Zimbra is 100% compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and provides two-way interoperability with most collaboration platforms. This means that Zimbra and Exchange users can share calendars, contacts, tasks, see availability for scheduling and collaborate across both platforms. Liquid Web also provides complete migration services to move your mail from your current Exchange Server to a new Zimbra server without losing any of your critical messages or enduring email downtime.

Liquid Web will setup and manage your Zimbra dedicated server and provide you with the support and monitoring you need to make sure your collaborative communication suite is available 24/7/365.

View Liquid Web Managed Zimbra Hosting

Chicago Network Point of Presence Added

October 13, 2009 -

Liquid Web has completed a significant upgrade to our network infrastructure that has greatly increased capacity, security and reliability. As a part of this network upgrade we have established a network Point of Presence in Chicago that will allow us to provision additional circuits quickly in the future. This upgrade allows us to service our growing customer base and the growing bandwidth consumption of our customers. Over the next several months, we will complete another series of major upgrades that will allow Liquid Web to cater aggressively to high bandwidth clients and the ever-expanding network requirements of server operations in general.

Liquid Web has doubled bandwidth allocations on all new product offerings including Shared, VPS, and Managed Dedicated Server products.

Liquid Web Zero Latency Now Features Fusion-IO ioDrive

October 13, 2009 -

Liquid Web is proud to add the latest generation in hard drive technology, Fusion-IoDrive, to our Zero Latency storage line! Fusion-ioDrive are high-performance solid state hard drives designed with the revolutionary silicon-based storage architecture ioMemory that can easily match the I/O performance of the world's fastest enterprise SAN. ioDrive is the world's most advanced NAND clustering technology designed for server based application-centric storage.

Fusion-IODrive Features:

  • Industry's fastest sustained random read/write IOPS
  • Less than 50 microsecond average access latency
  • Enables up to terabytes of high speed Virtual Memory
  • Easily RAID multiple ioDrives together
  • Managed like simple block storage

View Liquid Web Zero Latency

Liquid Web PCI Compliant

May 05, 2009 -

Liquid Web PCI Certification is a fully managed scanning service that verifies your compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI Compliance is a single security standard which is required to accept credit card transactions from the five major credit card companies. PCI Compliance certifies that your organization takes all necessary steps to protect sensitive customer data and provides a set of standards for your infrastructure and server setup.

With Liquid Web PCI Certification our Heroic Support® networking and security experts will help design and customize your infrastructure to comply with all applicable security standards. This will ensure that your customers' sensitive data is always protected and that you will not be at risk of fines or permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs. Liquid Web's security team will use a comprehensive set of tools to scan your setup at regular intervals to ensure your ongoing compliance with these evolving security standards and perform all necessary corrections.

View Liquid Web PCI Compliant Details

Data Center 3 Construction Nearly Complete!

May 05, 2009 -

We're proud to announce that we are in the final stages of construction of Liquid Web's new 90,000 square foot Data Center #3!  This new data center will be home to our next 25,000 servers!  In this video update, Liquid Web Infrastructure Director Chris Strandt discusses the status of this massive construction project.

Data Center Update Video

Time Lapse Video Sequence

Ground Breaking Photo Set:

DC3 Construction Photo Set:

Liquid Web Offers Fully Managed Ruby on Rails Support!

May 05, 2009 -

We are proud to announce fully managed Heroic Support® for the popular Ruby on Rails application development platform. Ruby on Rails support is available on Liquid Web's Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting packages.

By creating a single click RoR deployment solution, Liquid Web developers have greatly simplified the process to deploy, manage and update RoR hosting environments. This means that RoR developers can focus on writing great code instead of  handling the time-consuming task of installing, integrating, updating and tweaking their Rails hosting environment. Liquid Web hosted RoR applications are fast, resilient and cost-effective.

Liquid Web Ruby On Rails Hosting Features:

  • Fully Managed Rails Updates
  • Fully Managed Dedicated Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite)
  • One-Click Application Deployment
  • SSH for Secure Private Access
  • RubyGems Package Manager Pre-Installed
  • Web Server Support for Mongrel, Thin, Passenger & FastCGI

View Ruby on Rails Hosting Details

Introducing ServerSecure for Windows

May 05, 2009 -

Liquid Web is proud to announce that ServerSecure is now available for Windows servers. ServerSecure is an exclusive Liquid Web service which is designed to save you both time and resources. ServerSecure is an initial setup option that provides many additional services and modifications to the default Operating System and control panel installation which greatly enhances the security, reliability, and compatibility of your server and software. What would have normally taken you hours of installation work, or the hiring of an outside systems administrator, is now done for you by Liquid Web. Your server is locked down, ready to run, as soon as you receive it.

Windows Server Secure Includes:

  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Secure RDP
  • TCP Hardening
  • DoS-Evasive
  • Brute Force Detection

View Windows Server Secure Details

Now Offering Heroic Support for Linux with Plesk Control Panel!

May 05, 2009 -

Liquid Web is proud to announce that Heroic Support® is now available for the Parallels Plesk Control Panel on Linux. Fully managed Liquid Web customers that use the Linux platform can now select from two options of control panels: cPanel or Plesk.

We are happy to add this new control panel option as a part of our ongoing effort to improve and expand our product lines for our valued clients.

For More Info, Click Here to Contact a Sales Team Member


10 Minute Average Help Desk Response Time for October - 30 Minute Response SLA!

November 18, 2008 -

One of the things that we work hard on every day at Liquid Web is continual improvement of support response times. We want to make sure that our responses are helpful, thorough and most of all - fast. Over the past 2 years we have enacted a strategic initiative to continually improve our ticket response time. This process resulted in a dramatic improvement. In October we averaged 10 minutes!

In celebration of this milestone we are proud to offer a new 30 minute initial response time guarantee for all tickets that are submitted or authenticated through PIMS. This guarantee is our commitment to you that Heroic Support is always available quickly. Rest assured we will stay ever vigilant to our mission of increasing the quality and speed of our Heroic Support.

Data Center 3 Construction Update

November 18, 2008 -

We are coming up on 5 months since we announced the ground breaking of Data Center 3 so we thought we should take a moment to update you on the status of the project.

Data Center Update Video

Time Lapse Video Sequence

Ground Breaking Photo Set:

DC3 Construction Photo Set:

Liquid Web Guardian Sale!

November 18, 2008 -

For a limited time when you purchase a new Dedicated Server and Liquid Web Guardian save $20 off the 100GB option & 50% off the MySQL Plugin!

100GB - $80 (Save $20 off regular price!)
MySQL Plugin - $25 (50% off regular price!)

Liquid Web Guardian is a fully-managed robust backup solution that provides continuous data protection and off-site disaster recovery for Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers.

Liquid Web Guardian uses replication and synchronization, with point-in-time snapshots, to provide up-to-the-minute data protection of your complete server configuration. In the case of a catastrophic event, our Sonar Monitoring Team recovers your exact server configuration to minutes before the event occurred.

View Liquid Web Guardian Details

Contact a Sales Person to take advantage of this special offer!

Liquid Web SWAG - T-Shirts, Mugs, Heroes, and More!

November 18, 2008 -

We've got great new Liquid Web swag to show off! Mugs, Heroes, T-shirts, Pens, Hats and More! If you see something you like, visit us on Facebook and tell us how business has been - or maybe - tell us about any exciting new projects coming up. Either way we'll send you out some new swag!* (Shipping charges apply outside USA)

Are you satisfied? Let us know.

November 18, 2008 -

If you are satisfied, would you do us a small favor?  Would you take a moment to mention us in your website, twitter, blog, or better yet, maybe you could tell a friend? 

We would really appreciate it. Your honest feedback is all we ask. Here are some Banners that Jason Grasshoff put together. If you'd like something custom designed for your site with your Logo, we'd be happy to help. Just contact us at hero@liquidweb.com

Thank you very much. We couldn't do it without you.


Greetings from the Sonar Monitoring Team - Liquid Web Monitoring Notifications to keep you informed!

September 08, 2008 -

If you are one of our Managed customers, you'll soon be hearing a lot more from our Sonar Monitoring Team. In an ongoing effort to keep you updated with what's happening on your server, soon you'll start to see "Liquid Web Monitoring Notifications" from members of our monitoring staff every time we respond to an issue with your server.

In most cases, these notifications will be informational to explain what has occurred and how we fixed the problem. It will not be necessary for you to respond to these notifications because the issue will have already been resolved. We feel these notifications are important so that you are aware of all the activity that is happening on your server and so that you can proactively identify potential bottlenecks and plan for future growth.

The new notifications that we rolled out this week will hopefully bring our clients closer to our Sonar Monitoring Team, allow for better communication, and help us find solutions more quickly. If you have any questions about the services the monitoring department offers, or how you can take better advantage of these services, open up a ticket, and let us know!

Liquid Web Launches "Core Managed" - Managed Dedicated Servers Without Control Panel Requirement!

September 08, 2008 -

Liquid Web is proud to announce Heroic Support® Core Managed, our managed service for customers who would like to utilize our expertise and assistance but do not need Control Panel software. Liquid Web Core Managed includes unlimited 24x7 access to level 3 technicians, full network management and complete hardware support.

Heroic Support® Core Managed includes installation and full support of the Liquid Web core software installation package. This includes core operating system updates, security enhancements, and full web server support including Apache and IIS. Core Managed is designed for advanced administrators running large sites or web applications that do not have a need or use for the multi-domain hosting environment for which Plesk and cPanel are designed.

  • Linux Core Managed includes support for CentOS 5. Managed services include OS updates, support for Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Server, Sonar Monitoring - Server Health and Service Monitoring (ping, SSH and HTTP).

  • Windows Core Managed includes support for IIS 6.0, ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0, 3.5), MSSQL 2005 Express, Sonar Monitoring - Service Monitoring (ping, RDP, and HTTP), Windows Updates, and Kaspersky AV (upon request).

Liquid Web Honored as 693rd Fastest Growing Company in the United States

September 08, 2008 -

Liquid Web has been honored by INC. Magazine as the 693rd fastest growing company in the United States. Liquid Web was also ranked No. 19 on the Top 100 Computers & Electronics Companies list. This prestigious list has included notable names such as Microsoft, Intuit and Oracle. The list is the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy - America's independent-minded entrepreneurs. Taken as a whole, these companies represent the backbone of the U.S. economy.

This is the second consecutive year that Liquid Web has placed on the INC. 5,000 list which ranks companies based on their revenue growth over a three year period. Liquid Web's revenue grew from $2.1 million in 2004, to $12.2 million in 2007, a growth rate of 491.6%. Liquid Web's growth has been fueled by strong customer demand for their trademarked Heroic Support and three wholly owned data center facilities.

2008 Award

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Liquid Web's 11 Year Anniversary Riverboat Party a Great Success

September 08, 2008 -

On September 16th 2008, Liquid Web friends and family gathered on the Michigan Princess Riverboat to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Liquid Web. Liquid Web guests were treated to dinner, drinks and dancing as we cruised the Grand River in Lansing.

We would like to thank all of those who were able to attend, making it a very special event. We would also like to thank our valued customers who have helped Liquid Web enjoy 11 years of sustained growth. Thank you!

To see videos and photos from the event, visit the Liquid Web Facebook page or our Flickr images.


Liquid Web Launches Heroic Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Hosting Packages

September 08, 2008 -

We are proud to offer our clients the latest Microsoft server technology, coupled with Heroic Support® and proactive Sonar Server Monitoring. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 platform offers significant improvements over Server 2003. Windows 2008 includes administration and diagnostics, development tools, and built-in server virtualization technology with Hyper-V.

The platform also offers new technologies and features such as Server Core, PowerShell, Windows Deployment Services, Parallel Session Creation, Clean Service Shutdown, Kernel Transaction Manager, Address Space Load Randomization and Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA) and enhanced networking and clustering technologies.

To learn more, visit liquidweb.com or call 1.800.580.4985 to speak to a Heroic Support® Sales Representative.

Liquid Web Data Center Groundbreaking a Great Success!

July 11, 2008 -

On June 24th, 2008 Liquid Web celebrated the groundbreaking of Data Center 3, our new 90,000 square foot facility that will be home to 25,000 new customer servers and 600 new Heroic Support® engineers.

For more information, visit the DC3 Event Page to view a complete recording of the event which includes a data center tour video, a presentation by Liquid Web CEO Matthew Hill and a few words from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

The DC3 Event Page also includes pictures and press coverage of the event. Construction of Data Center 3 has already begun and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2009. At the groundbreaking of Data Center 3, Liquid Web was joined by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, State Representatives Rick Jones and Joan Bauer, former Lansing Mayor David Hollister, Delta Township Supervisor Joe Drolett, and several of our valued clients.

View details from the DC3 Groundbreaking Event

Liquid Web Begins Data Center 3 - Ground Breaking June 24 @ 1pm

June 12, 2008 -

On June 24th, 2008 at 1pm, Liquid Web will hold a ground breaking ceremony to announce the details for our new $80 million dollar data center facility.

Construction of the new 90,000 square foot facility has already begun and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2009. When complete, Data Center 3 will support 25,000 new customer servers in 50,000 square feet of premium data center space and 600 additional Heroic Support® engineers in 40,000 square feet of new office space. As one of our valued clients, we would like to invite you to join us for our ground breaking celebration.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to newsletter@liquidweb.com.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 @ 1:00 p.m.
Liquid Web Data Center 3
Lansing, MI 48917
Delta Township

Liquid Web Zero Latency® Solid State Servers - A New Era In Storage Technology!

June 12, 2008 -

Liquid Web Zero Latency® uses the latest in random access Solid State Storage technology to deliver I/O rates and access times that are impossible to achieve with a traditional disk-based system.

Liquid Web Zero Latency is ideal for high-availability web applications because I/O wait times and bottlenecks will be virtually eliminated and your server's processing power and bandwidth will be fully utilized. This means that our clients can realize faster server performance and database access, increasing the performance of your entire application. Liquid Web Zero Latency total input/output operations per second tested 80 times faster than SATA and SAS drives.

Sign up for Zero Latency now and experience increased performance, reduced I/O read time and increased reliability.

View Liquid Web Zero Latency

Liquid Web launches Windows VPS

June 12, 2008 -

Liquid Web's new Windows VPS product utilizes Virtuozzo to deliver high performance Microsoft Windows server environments at an affordable price. Our Windows VPS product was designed using the same state-of-the-art technology that is employed for our Linux VPS's. This ensures that we are able to deliver the same premier hosting experience that you have come to expect from our Linux VPS products. Liquid Web Windows VPS uses Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and the Plesk control panel. Windows VPS customers are provided fully managed Heroic Support, Administrator Access (RDP), nightly off-server backups, and support for ASP and .NET.

Windows VPS Features

» 40 Gigabytes Storage
» 350 Gigabytes Transfer
» 512MB RAM Guaranteed
» 1024MB RAM Burstable
» 4 IP Addresses

View Liquid Web Windows VPS

Liquid Web Guardian - Managed Continuous Backup and Restore Service

June 12, 2008 -

Liquid Web Guardian is a fully-managed robust backup solution that provides continuous data protection and off-site disaster recovery for Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers.

Liquid Web Guardian uses replication and synchronization, with point-in-time snapshots, to provide up-to-the-minute data protection of your complete server configuration. In the case of a catastrophic event, our Sonar Monitoring Team recovers your exact server configuration to minutes before the event occurred.

View Liquid Web Guardian Details

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