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Check out our Storm® services.

Create a new Storm® Server.

View all of your Storm® Servers in the Server Overview area.

Viewing a specific Storm® Server's Dashboard gives you quick insight into the status and history of the server.

Backup capabilities integrated into Storm® Servers with flexible billing options.

Create and add Images within Storm® Servers with flexible billing options.

Restoration capabilities integrated into Storm® Servers with flexible billing options.

Monitor the services running on your Storm® Server and choose which services to monitor.

Networking allows you to setup Private Networking, toggle Firewalls and manage IP Addresses.

View a visual history of all important server events in the Storm® Server History area.

The Storm Platform

The High Performance Cloud

Build a complete and scalable cloud environment for your website or application with our Storm® Servers.

Backed by Heroic Support®

Each Storm® Server is backed by our Heroic Support® staff and includes proactive monitoring and 24x7 support access.

Storm® Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hardware with Powerful Cloud Features.


Get the Exact Server for Your Needs

Storm® Dedicated Servers allow users to view complete technical server specifications and order exactly the server they need. Need a specific Raid configuration? Need an exact CPU processor type? No problem. You get complete hardware transparency, and a choice between Windows or Linux.

You’ll enjoy the full array of cloud features that the Storm® Platform features. Including:

  • Instant Provisioning
  • Daily Billing - Pay Only for What You Use
  • Easily Upgrade or Downgrade
  • Create & Deploy Server Images
  • API Access
  • Includes 5 TB Outgoing
    & FREE Incoming Bandwidth
  • Free Storm Firewall
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Easy Clone & Resize

Compare Storm® Dedicated

Storm® Dedicated Servers provide greater flexibility than a standard dedicated server, with the added features that the Storm® Platform provides. Storm® Dedicated Servers are the best choice for those looking for complete hardware transparency in a powerful, feature-rich cloud environment.

Powerful Tools to Manage Your Server

Storm® Servers are packed with cloud hosting features and tools. Our Storm® Servers Dashboard puts you in the complete control of your server, and provides you immediate access to many powerful features.

Intel Core i5-760 2.0GB 453GB SATA -- 4 $110/month
Intel Core i5-750 2.0GB 124GB SAS -- 4 $115/month
Intel Core i5-750 2.0GB 1850GB SATA -- 4 $120/month
Intel Core i5-750 7.8GB 211GB SSD -- 4 $135/month
Intel Core i5-750 4.0GB 220GB SATA RAID 1 4 $150/month
Intel Dual Xeon E5606 4.0GB 453GB SATA -- 8 $230/month
Intel Xeon E3-1220 V2 11.7GB 187GB SSD RAID 10 4 $270/month
Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2 11.7GB 187GB SSD RAID 10 4 $270/month
AMD Opteron x8-6128 16.0GB 917GB SATA RAID 10 16 $275/month
Intel Dual Xeon E5620 63.0GB 226GB SSD -- 8 $315/month
Intel Xeon E5-2620 V2 47.2GB 2780GB SATA RAID 10 12 $475/month
Intel Xeon E5-2620 V2 63.0GB 407GB SSD RAID 10 12 $490/month
Intel Dual Xeon X5650 48.0GB 824GB SAS RAID 10 12 $590/month
View All Available Storm® Dedicated Servers

Create an Account and Launch a Server in Minutes

Getting started is easy. Once you create your Storm® account, you’ll be able to launch cloud products immediately. With powerful features and account tools, you’ll quickly see why Storm® is the superior cloud platform.

Only Pay for What You Use

Storm® Servers are billed based on per-day pricing. Create and destroy Storm® Servers as you need them.

Scale Up or Down As Needed

Scaling your server to add additional space or computing power is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

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